Recent makeup haul

Unintentionally, I seem to have bought and collected A LOT of new makeup bits over the past few weeks. Although you can definitely expect some reviews within the upcoming few weeks, I decided to round them all up and do a haul post too.

Trying new bits from the drugstore is always something I look forward to; most of the brands have really been upping their game recently and competing on a scale that almost compares to that of high end brands. After two weeks of exams and all of the stress that came with it, my skin certainly isn’t looking it’s best so I wanted to try a drugstore, full coverage foundation. I haven’t heard a lot about the new-ish L’Oréal ‘infallible total cover’ foundation, so decided to give that a go. So far, I’m loving this foundation!

loreal infallible foundationloreal infallible foundation 2

On the other hand, a new L’Oréal product I have heard a lot about recently is the ‘Miss Baby Roll’ mascara. Although I have many mascaras in my collection, they all seemed to be drying up at the same time, so I decided to pick this one up after hearing so many positive reviews about it from fellow beauty bloggers/vloggers.

miss baby roll mascaramiss baby roll mascara 2

Another L’Oréal product I’ve heard quite a lot about in the past is their ‘Infallible Sculpt contour kit’. Having been wanting to try a contour kit for a while now, I couldn’t resist picking this up in a 3 for 2 offer. Although I’m not really too sure how to use this product in terms of blending, I’m really excited to get to use a cream contour product.

loreal infallible sculptloreal infallible sculpt 3

Having tried and loved it before, I also got myself the NYX ‘matte finish’ setting spray, as it’s a cheaper alternative to my high end fave – Urban Decay ‘de slick’ setting spray. Although it’s a much smaller bottle, it works just as well.

nyx matte finish spray

If you saw my ‘London Haul’ post, you’ll have seen I treated myself to the Kat Von D ‘shade and light’ powder contour kit, as it had been on my makeup wish list for a while now. You can definitely expect a full review of this product in the next few weeks, but so far this has quickly become one of my makeup staples.

kat von dkat vpn d 2

After attempting to go a while now without using an eyeshadow primer, since my Nars one had run out, I really noticed how much of a difference using one makes. Over the past few weeks my eyeshadow just hasn’t stayed on as long, creases a lot and hasn’t been as bright looking. Cult favourite, ‘primer potion’ by Urban Decay is a product I’ve been meaning to try out for a while now. I picked it up in the shade ‘minor sin’ and I’ve found it’s really improving the performance of my eyeshadow in every aspect.

urban decay minor sin 2urban decay minor sinurban decay minor sin 3

Another Urban Decay product I’ve wanted to treat myself to since it came out is the ‘Naked Skin’ concealer. I usually like to go for a brightening concealer for under my eyes, and that definitely sums this product up! Although it is pretty heavy coverage, it doesn’t crease and is so comfortable to wear.

naked concealernaked concealer 2naked concealer 3

As a free gift for purchasing the two Urban Decay products, I received the ’24/7 glide-on eye pencil’, in the shade ‘gold mine’. The colour is so perfect for summer and compliments my usual golden bronze eye makeup.

urban decay eyeliner 2urban decay eyeliner

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