Friday Faves: Mark Ferris

One of my favourite blog posts to write is my ‘Friday faves’ series, in which I discuss which bloggers/vloggers I have been enjoying the content of recently. One person who I have been meaning to write a faves post about for a while now is Mark Ferris, whose channel I discovered from Zoe a while back and have been loving ever since!

There’s nothing I love more than watching a YouTuber who can make you laugh effortlessly, and that is Mark down to a T. He has such a bright personality which comes across so well in his videos and has such a friendly persona which instantly makes you want to be his bestie. I always find myself smiling like a Cheshire Cat when watching Mark’s vlogs, in particular those with Zoe, because he is such a naturally hilarious person and being around Zoe extenuates his even more. You really feel like you get to know him, more so than with other YouTubers, in his vlogs because of his bubbly personality and how generally relatable he is.



I’m also obsessed with watching the likes of his hauls (I love a good Primark haul atm), although they do make me want to go shopping and spend every penny I have. I’m hoping there’ll be many more to come, especially when he moves into his own place! While saying this, my absolute favourite videos of his to watch have to be the chatty ones. Whether it’s a Q&A or a car chat, there’s something about those videos that comforting to me.


Mark isn’t really like any other YouTuber that I watch at the minute. Yes, the type of videos he does might be (and I’m absolutely fine with that), but he comes across as the most normal, genuine guy which is why I continue to watch his channel. I’ve loved seeing his channel grow over the past year or so and I can only hope this continues for him!

If you aren’t already, make sure you subscribe to Mark’s YouTube channel and check out his other social media while you’re at it.

Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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