My London Adventure

Last weekend, I travelled to London with my family to continue my 18th birthday celebrations, as well as celebrating the fact I’d finished my two years of sixth form. Having never been to the capital of my own country, I couldn’t have been more excited and the trip completely lived up to my expectations, if not exceeded them. I completely fell in love with the beautiful city of London and its people and already can’t wait to return, which hopefully won’t be too long away.

Saturday consisted of getting up before the sun, finishing last minute packing and generally getting ready to catch our train at half past six from Durham station. Considering it was so early in the morning, I couldn’t have been more awake (I’d barely slept the night before due to excitement too!).

The three and a bit hour train journey went so much quicker than I had imaged, as I’d preoccupied myself by doing my makeup and catching up on some YouTube. When we departed the train, I couldn’t hold back the tears or my excitement as my emotions took over me. I could not have been happier to be in London! We headed straight for platform 9 and ¾ to take some pictures, before catching the tube to the nearest station to our hotel.


After dumping our bags at the hotel, we adventured out for a day full of sight-seeing and being typical tourists. Our first destination was the London Eye; which ended up being one of my favourite activities of the trip, due to the incredible views. Following our 30 minute ride, we explored more of the Southbank before crossing Westminster Bridge in order to check out other attractions on the other side of the Thames.

Facetunethamesbig beneye

I was so pleased at how lucky we got when it came to the weather, neither too hot or too cold, perfect t shirt weather and nice enough to walk from each attraction comfortably. Our walk down the Mall, towards Buckingham palace was one of the most enjoyable walks of the trip (despite the backs of my feet burning like hell from my new shoes). I think the moment we reached the palace itself and sat down at the Queen Victoria memorial statue was the moment that I actually fell in love with London. While gazing at familiar views I had seen so many times on TV and in pictures, completely immersing myself in the city, I realised this had quickly become one of my favourite places in the world. 


After a quick lunch break and pit stop for some plaster for my aching feet, we headed to Leister Square to visit somewhere I had been DYING to go to since its opening day, when my faves (Union J) were there on the red carpet – M&M World! M&M’s are potentially one of my favourite sweets so to be surrounded in a four storey shop full of the stuff was pretty overwhelming.


Our first day was so overwhelmingly tiring, by the time we reached the hotel, there was no chance I was leaving that room again until the following morning! I couldn’t have fell asleep any faster that night.


The following morning, we were up, dressed and fed early, ready for another day of walking. With it being a Sunday, most of the shops didn’t open until later in the morning so we made use of our spare time by taking a trek to Hyde Park, which was just down the road from our hotel.

Later, we made our way to Oxford St and spent the remainder of the day shopping (and spending way more money than intended). I’ve already uploaded a London haul, so make sure you check out that post if you want to see what goodies I treated myself to on my trip.


My least favourite part of the trip was obviously saying goodbye to and departing London, a place I have truly fell in love with. I can’t wait to go back and re-experience the attractions and general feel of the city once again.


Thanks for reading,

Emily X

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