Garnier 3-in-1 PureActive review

After seeing so many TV adverts, I was super intrigued to try the new Garnier charcoal 3-in-1 face wash, facial exfoliator and face mask and see if it does remove blackheads and prevent oiliness and acne like it claims (definitely a product I need in my life). I’ve used and loved many products from Garnier, such as their micellar water and sheet masks, so decided to give this a go too. Even after my first use, I already saw a difference in my skin and was so impressed.

I’m such a big fan of using charcoal face masks, as I have incredibly oily and spot prone skin, however I have never seen such a quick difference in my skin like I had with this product. The ‘PureActive’ intensive face mask dried quickly and drew out impurities, leaving my skin feeling super fresh and clean. My skin also looked a lot brighter because of this and always feels more toned too. I particularly like that I could actually feel it working on my face due to the slightly tingly sensation, rather than the drying feeling you get with most other masks.


I also love this product as a facial scrub as it isn’t too harsh but makes a noticeable change. I found that after use, my pores looked so much tighter and unclogged while the rest of my face feels incredibly smooth. Despite this, I wouldn’t necessarily use the 3-in-1 ‘PureActive’ as a daily face wash due to the exfoliating particles in it, as I try to only exfoliate twice a week.

A little bit really goes a long way with this product, I’ve found I only need roughly a grape sized squeeze to cover most of my face. I’ve also been trying to target particular areas with this product, where I only put it on spots to dry them out or on my t-zone rather than over my entire face.


I think the only down fall to this product is the mess you’re likely to get when removing the dried mask. Because of the product being jet black, I have tended to get grey, muddy-looking splodges of water all over the bathroom sink, tiles and any white surface near them both. However, you’re going to get this chore with any charcoal face mask and can easily combat it by using a sponge or cloth to take it off rather than water alone.

Since I’ve been using this product for several weeks now, I think it’s fair to say this is one of my new favourite skincare products and has gained a firm spot in my current skincare regime. What I love about it most is how travel friendly is, as it means I won’t have to take a separate exfoliator and face mask when I go away. I’ll definitely be taking this wonder product away with me on holiday next month, even if I will look a bit crazy sitting on the balcony looking rather strange. At such a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with the PureActive 3-in-1.

Have you tried this product out?


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