Putting my beauty blender in the microwave? | cleaning hack

If you’re an avid social media user and beauty follower, you may have seen the latest viral tweet and potential hack of putting a Fairy Liquid soaked beauty blender in the microwave for it to be almost as good as new. Now I don’t know about you but cleaning my makeup sponge is always such a chore and I will put off doing so for as long as I possibly can, so seeing this tweet was either going to save me so much time and effort or break my microwave.

After immersing my rather grubby, chewed up ‘miracle complexion sponge’ in a jug of fairy liquid mixed with warm water and banged it into the microwave for a minute, while standing by feeling rather nervous and concerned about what the hell would happen to the sponge and what the hell would happen to the microwave. After all, there was no proof that this was completely safe, this had all been a result of a few pictures and 140 characters worth of ‘advice’.

bb hack 2

When the one minute was up, I rinsed the soapy beauty blender under a tap to remove all of the cleaning product to find the sponge was so much cleaner than it had been a minute ago. Although not completely clean, this simple trick saved me so much more time and manual labour compared to what scrubbing the sponge with soap would’ve done. The slightly disappointing result was more than likely due to the fact that the sponge is pretty old and looking worse for wear.

bb hack 5

On the whole, I’d say this ‘hack’/ ‘experiment’/ whatever you want to call it was pretty successful in terms of saving time and effort. As soon as I get myself a new beauty blender, this hack will definitely become part of my cleaning routine!

Would you try this hack out yourself?

Emily X

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