What I got for my 18th Birthday

Earlier in the week, I celebrated my 18th Birthday after what felt like waiting forever for it to roll around. Despite the absolutely rubbish weather (no surprise there) I had such a lovely day, spending time with family and friends and I am so grateful for all of the cards, gifts and Birthday wishes I received.

My main present from my parents was my amazing (first) car which I have already had for a few months now since passing my driving test. I have absolutely fell in love with it and definitely made the right decision to wait a little longer in search for the perfect one, rather than picking the first one I saw (which is such a typical Emily thing to do). I feel so much more independent now that I don’t have to rely on other people and public transport to get me from A to B.

I really didn’t expect to receive anything else from them since forking out for a car and insurance was expensive enough, but it happens that we’re also taking a trip to London at the end of this month to continue my Birthday celebrations, do some sightseeing and more importantly some shopping! During these 18 years, I have never explored my own capital city so I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity to do so. The trip also begins the day after my final A Level exam so I think extra celebrations will be in order.


There’s no surprise that I received so many Disney related items for my Birthday, even if I am now classed as an adult. From my friends and my sister, I received a range of Disney gifts, including a Tangled mug, Mickey Mouse blanket, pyjamas, flip-flops, Frozen DVD and even a Frozen car air freshener.

disney pressiespunz mugpunz mug 2

This year I didn’t ask for too many items from Lush in order to leave room for the mountain I’m likely to bring home from their incredible Oxford St store at the end of the month, but I’m sure the few I did receive will keep me going until then. Some are old favourites of mine that I haven’t used in a while and others are ones that I have never got around to trying.


One present that I had been meaning to buy since last year when I read ‘All the Bright Places’ on holiday has been Jenifer Niven’s novel, ‘Holding Up the Universe’. ‘All the Bright Places’ has gone on to be potentially my favourite book I’ve ever read and I even went on to base my English Lit coursework around it this year. I adore her work and can’t wait to read this on holiday this year!

brother bear

I also kindly received money from family and family friends which I will definitely be splurging when I arrive in London. I cannot wait to get back and write a haul for you!

Emily X

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