The perfect body products for summer

I’m such a lover of all things beauty, including bath and body products and I’m also partial to a mojito every once in a while, so when I discovered that The Body Shop had released a new ‘Virgin Mojito’ range, you can only imagine my reaction. Literally the same day I discovered the range on my twitter timeline, I went into a store and purchased some of the products because I could not wait.

I have always loved all bath and body products from The Body Shop due to the sheer amazing quality they offer at affordable prices. I even managed to bag a further bargain for the products I picked up, grabbing all three for only £20 due to an in-store offer!

The product that I initially wanted to buy was the ‘Virgin Mojito’ exfoliating gel scrub as I had run out of my exfoliators I received for Christmas and was desperate for a new one before holiday. Now that my skin is slightly more exposed in the summer months, I attempt to keep it in the best condition possible. This exfoliator is like no other I have tried before – it’s gel-like consistency sooths the skin while the small particles smooth, removing all dead skin. My skin feels truly amazing after using this product, it will be a definite must when packing my luggage for my summer holiday!


One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to moisturise my skin, both face and body, a lot more as it was a step that got somewhat neglected in 2016. SO far, I have been doing pretty well in attempting to achieve this, but the ‘Virgin Mojito’ body butter has made it so much easier as I crave slathering the scented cream on after a shower. Again, my skin feels incredible after this has soaked in. Despite my love for this product, I can imagine it might be a nightmare during the warmer nights due to how thick it is. The Body Shop have also released a ‘Body Sorbet’ in the same scent which is essentially a moisturiser that is a lot less heavy and I completely regret not getting my hands on that too! It would have been a summer essential.

Now, how could I have bought these two products without completing my little set and also purchasing the ‘Virgin Mojito’ shower gel? A little really goes a long way with this product, even though I’ve used it every day since purchasing you really would not be able to tell. I can’t wait to take this on holiday with me too.


The ‘Virgin Mojito’ range is completely perfect for summer due to its heavenly sweet and citrusy scent. Each of the products contain lime and mint extracts from the Caribbean. I am such a fan of each product I picked up and I can guarantee it won’t be long before I need to rush to a store to repurchase them. The Body Shop have also released a ‘Pina Colada’ range that I adore the scent of, I might have to get my hands on that too!

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Emily X

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