HOW TO: become a pink lady

Although I’m probably “too pure to be pink” myself, I absolutely adore the pink ladies and their style. In fact, every time I watch Grease I can’t help but envy their iconic, pink bombers and wish I had one myself. So recently, I created my own, modern take on a pink ladies-style jacket and I am completely obsessed with it!

For a while now I’ve been searching for a quirky denim jacket but hadn’t managed to find a one I LOVED. I’d loved the idea of sewing patches and sins onto a denim jacket and making it my own, however I needed to find a suitable base before the fun of collection could commence. One patch in particular that I was infatuated with was the pink ladies inspired patch from livinginlalaland, I couldn’t resist buying it even before I had discovered my perfect jacket. I’ve used this website many times before for gifts and treats for myself, I would 100% recommend checking it out for the best pop culture gifts and accessories.

pink lady

Eventually, I fell in love with this pink denim jacket from Forever 21, a brand that I have loved over the past year or so. It was affordable, pretty and perfect for the idea I had in mine – better still, it matched the patch perfectly! It is ideal for the upcoming summer months, especially paired with my pink Coconut Lane sunnies!

coconut x lalaland

As soon as my new-found love arrived, I (or should I say my mam) sewed the patch right on. Although it’s not much of a DIY, I love the turn out and can’t wait to potentially get more patches and even some pins to decorate the jacket further. Who knows, I might even be brave enough to have ‘Pink Ladies’ embroidered right across the back!

beauty school dropout

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Emily (newest member of the pink ladies) X

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