Emma Hardie ‘Amazing Face’ cleansing balm review

The Amazing Face’ cleansing balm by Emma Hardie has been on my ‘to buy’ list for the longest amount of time now, but I’ve never fancied splashing out on buying a cleanser of that price when there are so many cheaper alternatives that I love. I finally decided to purchase the product after my skin began to resemble a mountain range, in hope that it would sort it out.

Amazing Face’ is like no other cleanser I’ve ever tried. Having oily skin, I’ve always steered clear of oil-based products in fear that they will only accentuate my shininess, however I’ve found that this doesn’t happen whatsoever with this balm.

The balm cleanser feels so luxurious and gentle on my skin and practically melts even tough makeup off right away. I’ve never had to scrub away like with other makeup removers in order to clean my face properly. Another huge advantage is that you barely have to use any product to get the job done. Despite being an expensive product (at least in my eyes) I can imagine you’ll get your money’s worth as it will last for so long.


The luxury doesn’t just stop at the product itself; the cleansing balm comes paired with a thick cloth to help remove makeup and grime (these can also be purchased separately). Although it doesn’t leave my face feeling as exfoliated as my Liz Earle muslin cloths do, I don’t mind as I use an exfoliating wash regularly as part of my skincare routine anyway. I’ve found this cloth is easier to keep clean too. Even the pot that the balm comes in has an element of luxury to it too.


Even though I’ve only included the cleansing balm as part of my skincare routine for a week or so, I’ve already seen an improvement in my skin. I do still get spots (pretty inevitable when it comes to my skin) but they definitely don’t last as long as they have in the past. I’m already so impressed with this product; I genuinely look forward to removing my makeup every day and no longer find it a chore. If you’re willing to splash out on a cleanser, I’d definitely recommend this one.


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Emily X 


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