5 things I’m currently loving | 3

Sam Evans

Over the Easter break, when I definitely should’ve been revising, I mostly spent my time lounging around, binge watching one of my new favourite creators, Sam Evans. I’m so obsessed with the positive vibe that just beams from his videos, which are always completely insane (and also his accent, I’m a sucker for an aussie accent)! Watching Sam’s videos manages to satisfy my travel-needs; since I’m a 17-year-old broke af girl with A Levels right around the corner. Check out his YouTube channel here, you won’t regret it!

sam evans

Clinique ‘Melon Pop’ colour pop lipstick

When I first purchased this lipstick, I struggled to love it as much as I’d hoped before willingly parting with my £16. Yet now that spring has rolled around once again, this year I have being wearing it almost daily. It is currently my go-to lip product as it is such a comfortable formula and a stunning colour, specifically for this time of year. It looks so natural and fresh; suddenly I’m beginning to realise my £16 was well spent after all.

My first car

Last month I was lucky enough to pass my driving test first time which meant the first half of April was spent car hunting. After uncountable amounts of complete wastes of time, I have finally found the one for me and I am LOVING every minute of driving it. I feel so independent being able to take myself to places without having to rely on others and having a good ol’ sing-a-long during the journey.


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge

I’ve never really been one to jump on the makeup sponge hype; no matter how often I have used them I always end up going back to using a foundation brush instead, however recently I have become obsessed with the Real Techniques ‘miracle complexion’ sponge for applying my foundation. I feel like my skin look a lot less flat when applying my makeup with this and looks more like skin, rather than a layer of makeup o top of my skin. The only issue is I haven’t quite mastered how to keep the sponges clean just yet, any tips?

Coconut Lane sunnies

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know I splashed out on treating myself to a selection of the sunnies by my friends over at Coconut Lane. Although the weather in England hasn’t quite being cooperating, I’ve been obsessed with even just looking at these babies! They’re stunning! I can’t wait to get even more wear out of these in summer but at the minute I’ve been reaching for these each time the sun creeps out even the slightest. Head over to Coconut Lane to check out their collection, you can even get 20% off at the till by using the code emilyrobxrts20


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Emily X

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