Colour Pop haul and review

I have been wanting to try out some of the products from Colour Pop for the longest time now but couldn’t bring myself to paying the hefty shipping fee, on top of the huge price my basket already would be. Recently, I took advantage of free international shipping an ordered some of the products that have been on my wish list for a while. After testing out my products, I think I may have discovered a new favourite beauty brand of mine.

The products I was most looking forward to testing had to be the incredible super shock eyeshadows, which seem to be a big hit within the beauty community. Although I often mention in reviews how extremely pigmented my eyeshadows are, I have never seen pigmentation like this. It is incredible! In total, I purchased four eyeshadows from this range (BAE, Sequin, LALA and KathleenLights) and I couldn’t be more impressed. The eyeshadows have such a strange, almost wet-like consistency and feel so comfortable to wear, despite how glittery they are. My eyes occasionally feel irritated when wearing eyeshadows like this, but I haven’t had this issue with the shadows from Colour Pop.

super shock shadowslalasuper shock swatch

I’m completely obsessed with all four of the shades I bought; even ‘BAE’ which is such an ‘out-there’ colour for me. I really hope I’m brave enough to wear it. Typically, I had to buy an orangey-copper shade and ‘KathleenLights’ fit the description perfectly; so far I even prefer it over MAC’s ‘Amber Lights’. Priced at only $5 per shadow, you really can’t go wrong with these. Colour Pop have such an extensive range of colour’s too and I cannot wait to buy some more.

bae shadow

I also purchased a pressed eyeshadow in the shade ‘Stay Golden’, which is an incredible deep pink/burgundy shade. I have been searching for a colour like this for a while now and this too also has amazing pigmentation. In the future, I would definitely be interested in picking up some more of these single shadows to fill up my Z palette with.

As I’m so into highlighter at the minute, I was dying to test out one from Colour Pop’s range. ‘Lunch Money’ is the typical champagne colour I go for and is so pretty. The highlighter looks so natural but is also easy to build up for a more intense look. It has a similar consistency to the super shock eyeshadows and is completely worth $8. I’d definitely consider investing in some more of their highlighters in my next order.lunch moneylunch money swatch

Colour Pop are also famous for the lip products so I purchased a range. Their lippie stix are an amazing satin, yet not drying formula and I am obsessed with the two shades I got, ‘cookie’ and in particular ‘lumiere’. They are so easy to apply and I’ve found they last pretty well too, considering the low cost.

lippie stixlippie swatch

Recently I’ve been trying to get back into wearing lip gloss yet I’ve found myself wiping it off after a matter of minutes due to the annoying stickiness of the ones I currently own. ‘Aquarius’ is a stunning nude gloss which I’ve found to be so comfortable to wear. Sadly, I mistakenly received two of these glosses, one of which replacing the ‘Midi’ ultra-matte liquid lipstick I had ordered which seems to have been misplaced in my order.

lip products

Colour Pop products are unbelievably cheap considering the amazing high-end quality they provide however if you’re ordering internationally (outside of the US) your order may be made more expensive by the shipping price. I’d definitely recommend waiting until they offer free international shipping again as it can cut the price of your order massively (that’s if you’re lucky enough to miss a humungous customs charge, unlike myself).

I’m truly impressed with the products I’ve added to my collection from Colour Pop and I can definitely see myself building up quite the collection of their products, eyeshadows in particular. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram. Have you tried any products from Colour Pop?

Emily X

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