An honest opinion: live-action Beauty and the Beast review

Disney’s live action remake of their animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, is potentially one of this year’s most anticipated movies. Being such an avid Disney fan (as you will well know from previous blog posts of mine) you can only imagine just how ecstatic I was when I heard about this release and even more so while sitting in the cinema seats before the movie began. I decided to write an opinion post, inspired by Ellie Steadman’s similar video.

Let’s talk about the cast; it seems that there has been quite a lot of controversy surrounding Emma Watson being casted as the protagonist, Belle, however I personally could not imagine anyone else playing her. Emma makes Belle her own and presents her as such an independent, head-strong young woman. Her character is so inspiring and she fits the part down to a tee. In my eyes, she is the perfect Belle, based on her actual personality and what she stands for.

Of course, my complete favourite in the original movie is Gaston so I was worried that Luke Evans might not live up to my expectations of live-action Gaston, however he completely topped them. He made such a malicious and manipulative character loveable at the beginning of the movie, so much so that fellow cinema-goers were laughing away at his egotistically actions. Surprisingly, one of my favourite characters within the remake was LeFou, Gaston’s partner in crime because of Josh Gad’s portrayal of an already hilarious character.


One thing that worried me before seeing the new release was the changes that producers may have made. I’ve found in the past that I haven’t enjoyed Disney live-action remakes because of changes compared to the originals however this movie didn’t have too many and any that had been made were relevant to the adapted storyline. The major change that I did thoroughly enjoy however, was the fact that LeFou changed sides during the battle scene near the end of the movie and realised Gaston’s evil plans really weren’t ok.

I loved how Disney have took an already incredible and iconic movie and expanded it, providing us with more detail and context in such an appropriate way. We find out so much more about the character’s back stories this time around. How did Belle’s mother die? Why do Belle and her father live in the little town? Why is the Beast so narcissistic? And most importantly, why can’t any of the village people remember the prince or his caste, located just outside of their town? All of that is answered in this movie!


In this movie, the ‘antique’ characters in the castle are also developed a bit more than in the original tale. We discover more about their lives and relationships before they too became trapped in their non-human form. This makes them even more loveable than ever before.


I found that this time around, there was a lot more humorous moments within the film that had the cinema audience gasping and giggling away. Perhaps my favourite funny moment was at the end when Cogsworth I his human form expressed how he wished he was still a clock after being reunited with his partner.

Aside from the funny moments, there was also so many emotional scenes throughout. I must advise you to take a packet (or maybe even a box, like I did) to the cinema with you. I was blubbering away during so many scenes; when Belle discovered more about her past which her father had previously restricted her from, when the characters became human again, when the last petal fell and the Beast and his servants began to become trapped in their current state, and unsurprisingly the iconic ballroom scene. Whether you’re a die-hard Disney fan or not, you’re definitely going to feel all of the emotions with this film.


Disney have completely outdone themselves with this incredible adaptation of one of my all-time favourites. Watching my favourite childhood story come to life before my eyes in such a stunning way was the most overwhelming and emotional feeling. Never have I cried so much in a cinema. Everything from the music, to the detailing, to the settings and costumes is so impressive. The live-action Beauty and the Beast is everything I could’ve hoped for and more. I couldn’t recommend that you take a trip to your nearest cinema and watch it ASAP – you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much for reading this post. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram. Let me know your thoughts on the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast below!

Emily X

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