Deleting all of my posts?

As it has been pretty much two years since I started my blog and published my first ever post, I have accumulated a significant amount of blog posts – 148 for that matter. It recently occurred to me how many memories are tied up in all of those posts, old and new, and how strange it would feel to delete all of my posts and start a fresh. Hopefully I will never be put in a situation where that has to happen, even if my old, cringey posts have bad photography and spelling mistakes. However, if that was to happen, these are the posts I would definitely wish to save the most.

Reflecting on…

It has become an annual tradition on my blog that at the end of every year I do a ‘yearly recap’ post to document my favourite events of the year. I love re-reading these posts and reminiscing on the year. I feel like these posts will be amazing to look back on when I’m older. You can certainly expect more of these posts in future years from me.

Behind the blog

For my one year blog anniversary, I wrote my ‘Behind the blog – one year on’ post and it is one of my favourite ones I have ever published. I remember feeling so much pride when writing that post, I truly couldn’t believe I had continuously posted for an entire year.

Friday Faves

Perhaps my favourite posts to write are my ‘Friday Faves’ series as I love sharing my favourite YouTubers/Bloggers with you guys. I have already written so many of these posts however my ultimate favourites are my ‘Exploring with Cody’ and ‘Ellie Steadman’ posts.


I love documenting any events (e.g concerts or meet and greets) I attend as I feel like when looking back at pictures I don’t remember as much of the day as I’d love to.


Who could forget some of my favourite ever beauty posts on my blog, since they are the ones I write most frequently. Two of my current favourite beauty posts of mine are my ‘quick and Simple skincare routine’ and ‘my perfect palette’ as I love the photography in both of those.


One of my most viewed posts is my ‘Lalalab updated review’ post which I loved writing because I love Lalalab as a brand so much and it was the first time I ever wrote specifically about a brand. I am still so shocked at how many views that post has, even though it was one of my first posts and I have improved so much since then.

New York, New York

My first ever blog post will always be one of my favourites. Even though I have improved in terms of writing and photography so much since then, it is the memories surrounding the post that make it one of the most special. I remember seeing the post get one view, then two views, the five views, then ten views, then twenty views and I honestly could not believe people were reading something I had wrote.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Make sure you’re always caught up by follow my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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