This foundation lasts 25 hours?

Recently, I have mainly been using high-end foundations however I have been on the hunt for a drugstore match so that I don’t have to keep spending so much. After seeing Rimmel’s ‘lasting finish’ foundation in so many beauty blogger’s videos, I decided to try it out for myself.

Originally, I was hoping for a full coverage foundation as my skin hasn’t been too great recently due to stress. Although this foundation claims to be high coverage, it doesn’t appear to be on my skin (this could completely be due to the way I apply it or the amount I use) but with a bit of concealer all of my flaws are hidden. When my skin gets better, I feel like this foundation will be perfect for every day use, rather than using more expensive foundations.


Whenever I’ve used drugstore foundations in the past, they haven’t lasted too well on me. After a few hours, I’ve found that it has already slided off my face along with the rest of my face makeup, no matter how much powder and setting spray I slap on on top. So far, the ‘lasting finish’ foundation continues to last pretty well on my face, despite having quite oily skin. It claims to last 25 hours however, I don’t think it would actually last that long because of my oily skin (not that I would want to wear a foundation for 25 hours to test how long it actually lasts!)


Although not my new favourite foundation, I love using this for every day makeup looks and more natural looks too. It is so comfortable to wear and for such a small price it does a great job.

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Emily X

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