Collection ‘lasting perfection’ concealer review

I FINALLY got around to trying out the cult favourite Collection ‘lasting perfection’ concealer after hearing about it almost every time I watch any makeup related video. For £5 could I really go wrong?

I had originally tested shade ‘2’ which was waaaay too dark for me so eventually I managed to get my hands a lighter shade, which is perfect for highlighting yet slightly too light for covering blemishes. The two mixed together are perfect.

The ‘lasting perfection’ concealer is definitely the highest coverage concealer I have ever tried, even compared to high end ones at four times the price! Although rather small, it still works out cheaper to bulk buy this concealer rather than a more expensive alternative.


The only downsides to this concealer is the fact that the packaging does represent the price as the writing rubs off pretty quickly, however as the products isn’t in the prettiest packaging to begin with and since I didn’t initially buy the concealer concerning the packaging, I’m not too bothered. At least it lasted long enough to take blog post photos, right?

Clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks this concealer is so great, every time I have been into Boots or Superdrug, meaning to buy this ‘lasting perfection’, it has either been sold out in my shade or the only ones left over are opened and grimy. I’d definitely recommend ordering online if you’re conscious about other people using your makeup items.


I am so impressed with and in love with the Collection ‘lasting perfection’ concealer and I can’t get over the quality for such a tiny price. My makeup collection would feel incomplete without this in it, from now on. If you’re looking for a high coverage concealer while on a budget, I’d certainly recommend trying this one out. You can’t go wrong.

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Emily X

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