Coconut Lane haul and discount code

As some of you may have seen in a post I uploaded last month, I am now an ambassador for the brand ‘Coconut Lane’ and I felt it would only be wrong to promote the brand to you guys without trying any of their products myself (that and the fact that I couldn’t resist the urge to buy some of their products).

My favourite item from the range I got is most definitely my stunning marble print monochrome phone case. My old skinnydip case has seen better days so I decided to order a new one (although it was a hard decision as I loved so many of them). My new case is super thin and makes my phone feel so much lighter than my previous one. I also adore the marble effect as I’ve seen so many people with marble phone cases recently and was desperate to get one for myself.


As I recently collected so many new copper-themed décor items for my bedroom, I decided the marble effect coaster in a gold/copper shade would look perfect on my bedside drawers. For now, I love using it under my Zoella Lifestyle candle. You may have also seen it feature in several flat lays in blogposts of mine; making it perfect to break up the background of pictures for my blog.


The third item I picked from the website was the ‘lagoon’ notebook. I mean, did I really need another notebook to add to the mountain growing on my desk? Apparently so. These notebooks are so thin and light, perfect for throwing in your bag for school and pretty enough for leaving on your desk if you’re a keen to-do list maker like me. There are so many stunning designs on the Coconut Lane website, from marble to slogans.


I’m so impressed with all my Coconut Lane products, I can’t wait to place another order soon. There is such a wide variety of designs and products on their website. If you love all things classy and sassy with a pineapple on top, Coconut Lane will have something for you! To get 20% off your Coconut Lane orders, enter the code emilyrobxrts20 at the till.

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Emily X

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