Walt Disney World bucket list

Despite my 21st Birthday being over three years away, I am already in the process of planning my trip to Walt Disney World, Florida. I decided I’d share just a few of my goals for during the trip, as I love writing Disney related posts and I thought it would be interesting for anyone planning a trip to Walt Disney World soon. These are my main priorities for my trip; if I listed all of the things I want to do and experience at Walt Disney World, we’d have an entire novel on our hands!

Watch the Festival of Fantasy

Every now and then I watch full length videos of the parade on YouTube and every single time, I end up wishing I could experience it in all its glory in person (while crying every time). From the videos I have seen, Walt Disney World’s parade is definitely my favourite due to the huge array of characters and music within it.


Eat at Be Our Guest restaurant

My favourite Disney movie as a child was Beauty and the Beast, and it is still one of my most loved films to this day. The setting at Be Our Guest restaurant is so incredible, I imagine walking into it would feel like stepping right into the movie. I also can’t wait to try ‘the grey stuff’, I heard it’s delicious.


See Wishes fireworks show

I feel like when I go to Disney, experiencing the fireworks display in person rather than through a computer screen will be an essential.


Meet Gaston

The Disney character I am most looking forward to meeting has to be the one and only Gaston, no matter how intimidating he may be.


Visit all four parks

Although we might be tight for time on our trip, I definitely want to make sure I explore all four of the parks at Walt Disney World in full and make the most out of every second I have there, no matter how tired I may be. Each individual park is such a different experience due to the different themes and rides, so visiting each one is a must-do on my bucket list.

Meet talking Mickey at the town square

There are so many characters that I will be sure to try and meet while on my trip, however talking Mickey is definitely at the top of my list. How can you go to WDW without paying a trip to see the boss himself?


Take arty pictures all over the park

Hopefully, in 2020 I will still be blogging (and hopefully better than ever) so I will make sure to take so many arty pictures in all four parks and share so many blog posts and instagrams with you guys.

Book a character meal

Whether at Chef Mickey’s, Cinderella’s Royal Table or even Crystal Palace, I want to make sure to do at least one character meal while at Walt Disney World. What could be better than great food and great company from your favourite characters?

Eat a dole whip

The concept of a dole whip (search it) absolutely fascinates me and is something I can imagine I will love. I can’t wait to finally try one in Walt Disney World, which will probably result in me eating many more for the rest of the trip.


See the Festival of the Lion King

After seeing Ellie watch the festival of the Lion King in her Walt Disney World vlogs, I can only hope to experience it myself on my trip.

Visit the Princess fairytale hall

I am an absolute sucker for Disney Princess and adore each individual one for different reasons. Although I will be 21, you can bet I’ll be queuing for as long as it takes to meet the Princess’ while on my trip.


Experience the kiss goodnight

No matter how tired I may be after trekking around the parks all day long, I will be sure to stay at the Magic Kingdom to witness the kiss goodnight at least once on my trip as I feel like most people often miss out on it, although it is likely I will get very emotional during.

I can’t wait to re-read this post after visiting Walt Disney World in 2020 (yes, I am wishing my life away) and check off these things from my bucket list. As always, thank you for reading this post. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

2 thoughts on “Walt Disney World bucket list

  1. This is a great list, we’re fortunate enough to have been a few times now but can say 100% you’ll love each and every thing on this list!! It’s a shame Wishes has now (or is now) being replaced, we loved it although we hope the new show is just as good! Hope you have a great 21st trip in a few years time 🙂 Party of Two


    1. Hey! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m so excited for my trip even if it is ages away. It’s such a shame wishes is being replaced, I’m gutted I will never have witnessed it but I’m sure the new one will be just as amazing, Disney always out do themselves with things like that! X


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