L’Oréal false lash superstar X fibre review

It recently seems like I’ve ran out of all my makeup items at once, meaning I was excited to buy and try out some of the new products at the drugstore. Having never tried a mascara from ‘L’Oréal’ before and seeing how incredible it looks I a recent video of Zoe’s, I decided to pick up the L’Oréal ‘False lash superstar X fibre’ dual end mascara.

Having never tried a dual end fibre mascara before, I was intrigued to see how I would get on with one and if it would make my lashes look at all clumpy. I was delighted to discover it made my lashes look so full, so long and so curled – not clumpy in the slightest. After only a few sweeps of mascara, my lashes already looked so much better than before, never mind adding the second step! Step 1 is purely adding the mascara and step 2 adds the fibres. Although you could add several layers if you needed to, I found that this wasn’t necessary.


On my first use, I hadn’t even curled my eyelashes and the natural curl that the mascara created was better than when curled, with any other mascara I have used. It even lashed all throughout the day. Immediately, I was so impressed with this mascara.


Although pricey in terms of drugstore mascaras, retailing at £10.99, it beats the quality of many high-end mascaras I have tried, despite it’s cheaper price. I have most definitely been converted to L’Oréal mascaras and I am eager to see if anymore from their range beat the quality of ‘False lash superstar X fibre’.


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Emily X

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