Friday Faves: Beauty Spectrum

Despite the fact I only began watching her videos towards the end of last year, Molly (aka BeautySpectrum) has quickly become one of my favourite ‘smaller’ youtubers to watch. As a tradition on my blog, I knew I had to write a ‘Friday Faves’ post about her and her channel to share my love for her with you guys.

I discovered Molly’s channel through the wonderful ‘Fabulous Hannah’ (friendship goals) and I’m so happy that I did as I now watch her videos religiously. I think I relate and enjoy watching Molly so much because she is roughly the same age as me, so her videos are relevant to my life. Any video mentioning sixth form has me sold as I typically watch vloggers a lot older than me, therefore I never hear them talk about topics that concern me. I love watching her vlogs especially for this reason; I find it so enjoyable to watch someone my age, living a similar lifestyle to me while also managing to achieve incredible things in terms of YouTube.


I also thoroughly enjoy watching any beauty and haul videos from Molly’s channel (obviously) as I trust her opinion and find she likes similar products as I do. The main reason I enjoy Molly’s content so much is because of her humbleness and how ‘real’ she is. She comes across as such a down to earth girl in her videos who hasn’t been at all blinded by her rapid following on the internet. People like this are exactly the type of people I love to watch.

Molly’s channel; is perfect for any beauty loving teen, just like me. I’d definitely recommend checking out her channel as I’m sure you’ll love her just as much as I do.

Check out Molly’s links below:

Molly’s YouTube channel

Molly’s Twitter

Molly’s Instagram

As always, thank you for reading this post. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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