Why I’m excited for Spring | 2017

Although I absolutely adore winter and the majority of the aspects that come tied to it, I can only enjoy it for so long until I become simply fed up, which is why I’m so excited for spring to finally arrive. I thought I’d share just some of the reasons why I’m so excited.

Although the dark mornings and nights can be perfect for a super cosy day in, they’re an absolute nightmare when you have to get an hour bus to and from sixth form. It’s dark when I leave the house and when I return home, even if it’s not that late. I can’t wait to be able to come home while it’s still light so that it doesn’t feel like I’ve missed the entire day.

With the darker nights inevitably comes colder weather – one thing I loathe about winter. I hate having to get completely wrapped up before being able to leave the house, but then almost boiling to death half way through the day while hidden under numerous layers. I can’t wait for the weather to be decent enough to wear only a jacket, rather than half of my wardrobe.

One thing I hate about winter is how ugly everything looks when it’s not snowing. With the trees being so bare and everything looking so dead, it just doesn’t compare to any other season and screams ‘stay inside’.

In winter, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll leave the house unless absolutely essential, meaning there are a lot less adventuring with my friends. In the spring, I hope to go out a lot more, even if just for a walk every now and then. There’s only so long I can take hibernating in my bedroom.

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Emily X

3 thoughts on “Why I’m excited for Spring | 2017

      1. Not to mention all of the pretty flowers that will start to blossom when the good weather starts to come along 🌸🌼🌷😄


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