Lush Valentine’s collection | 2017

Since this year, I’m spending yet another Valentine’s Day alone, I decided I’d treat myself to a few goodies from this year’s Lush Valentine’s day collection and of course, review them on my blog.

This year’s collection features some old favourites (even the beloved unicorn horn has made a return) as well as many new additions, which I was just desperate to try out. They have a range of both bath bombs and, my personal favourites, bubble bars which are all typically Valentine’s themed.


My favourite item out of those I selected from the Valentine’s range has to be the ‘Lovestruck’ bubble bar, purely for the incredible fresh scent of lemon. Right now, I am obsessed with citrusy bath products. It smells extremely similar to their well-loved ‘whoosh’ shower gel, which also happens to be a favourite of mine. I also adore this product as bubble bars from Lush are always of amazing quality; not only do they make your skin feel amazing, they also create the most spectacular bubbles you have ever seen in a bath!


The ‘Cupidbath bomb had to come home with me purely because of the amazing design and how truly adorable it looks. It has such an appropriate name. Unlike ‘Lovestruck’, ‘Cupid’ has a much more calming floral scent of rose to it; perfect for a relaxing evening. I can’t wait to see how incredible this will look in the bath!


Making a return from last year’s Valentine’s Day collection is the ‘Loverlamp’ bath bomb. If I remember rightly, this made my skin feel so soft, purely because of the mini bath melts incorporated throughout. Although this bath bomb has a much more plain, Vanilla scent, it is still amazing nonetheless.


Anything from the collection would make the perfect Valentine’s gift for your special someone, or even for yourself if you fancy a treat (like me). Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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