My MAC collection | 2017

MAC is potentially my most used and one of my most loved makeup brands, especially in terms of ‘high end’ makeup. Although not a ground-breaking amount, I thought I’d share the items in my current MAC collection.


Obviously, the MAC products I own the most of are their lipsticks. Every shade I own, I love and use often and I definitely believe they are worth the price. I mostly own nude and pink shades, however I am excited to branch out a little more and add more adventurous colours to my collection. Although I do love many other cheaper alternatives to MAC lipsticks, I always find myself going back to my beloved Velvet Teddy. I feel like my makeup collection would not be complete no without some MAC lippies in it. Top-Bottom: Chatterbox, Angel, Modesty, Mehr, Velvet Teddy, Impassioned, Please Me, On Hold, Honeylove


Last year, MAC also released a range of liquid lipsticks and I currently own the shade ‘LadyBeGood’, an orange toned nude. I wore this completely throughout the summer and it is of such a high quality, I would definitely considering buying some more (not that I need any more liquid lipsticks or lipsticks in general).


To pair with my lipsticks, I also have several lip liners. When using a lipliner, I tend to use my MAC ones over any other in my collection, however I don’t feel like they are mind blowing. I love to apply these all over my lips and follow with a lipstick on top. Left-Right: Hip ‘n’ Happy, Soar, Boldly Bare



When going for an intense, highlighted look, I love using the select cover up concealer in the shade NW15 under my eyes. I bought this after hearing Tanya Burr speak about this in a tutorial and have loved it ever since.


One of the first ever MAC products I bought was the blush in the shade ‘harmony’ which I actually use as a contour. For over two years, it has remained a staple in my makeup collection and I’m surprised I haven’t yet hit pan on it. ‘Harmony’ is a product I will continue to purchase time and time again. Another MAC blush I own is ‘desert rose’ which is my most used blush in my entire makeup collection.


My newest love in my MAC collection is the mineralised skin finish in the shade ‘Lightscapade’. When in the pan, the highlighter looks quite strange as it consists of several different colours; however, when swirled all together and applied onto your skin it creates the most stunning frosted, icy shade.



I have so many eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes, that I don’t feel the need to pay £10 for a single eyeshadow pan from MAC. However, ‘Amber Lights’ is a shade which is right up my street. I love copper/gold shades and apparently, I needed another one in my collection. Despite being pricey, MAC’s eyeshadows are very high quality.


Thank you so much for reading this post. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and instagram.

Emily X

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