Vanilla Chai sugar scrub review | The Body Shop

From previous blog posts, you may have noticed I’m just a tad obsessed with bath products, no matter what they may be. A few weeks ago, The Body Shop kindly sent me their ‘Vanilla Chai’ exfoliating sugar body scrub from their Christmas range and I currently can’t get enough of it!

Using a body scrub always makes so much difference to the appearance and feel of my skin, especially my arms and back, however no body scrub has ever worked so well on my skin than this one! It is the perfect consistency, not too thick that it’s difficult to use or too thin that it is a waste of time. You wouldn’t believe how soft my skin feels after rinsing away the remains of the scrub.


One of the greatest things about this scrub is the incredible, warm and spicy scent it leaves lingering on your skin. Although typically a Christmas scent, I imagine anyone who loves vanilla and star anise scents would happily continue to use it throughout the year.

I’ve been using this wonder product every other day for almost three weeks now and there is still so much product left! If you were able to resist the urge to slather this product all over your body more often than needed (unlike me), this huge tub of sugary goodness would last you a considerable length of time. After getting along so well with this scrub, I can’t wait to try more ones from The Body Shop.


The Body Shop’s ‘Vanilla Chai’ exfoliating sugar body scrub is currently retailing for only £7.50 online. This blog post is not sponsored and is my own opinions only. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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