Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 review

Urban Decay are known for producing some of the best quality eyeshadows around, and I was kindly gifted another of their palettes for Christmas last year. Their Naked 2 palette was previously one of my favourite items in my makeup collection, before I began to branch out more and try new brands. The Naked Basics 2 palette has already received so much use in the short amount of time I have had it.

Since I now have so many eyeshadow palettes in my makeup collection, it is rare that I reach for my Naked 2 by Urban Decay; the shadows are extremely similar to one another and are ones I wouldn’t usually wear. Although good for everyday use, I would personally struggle to create a glam look with what it offers.


What I like so much about the Basics take on this palette is the matte-ness of the shadows. They are so easy to make an everyday, cool toned look with and look great individually. Since having my hair bleached to a silvery blonde, I find that cool toned colours compliment me so much more. Each individual shade is wonderfully pigmented and easy to blend, making it easy to create a quick look with.


Luckily for me, the palette even provides a colour which is the perfect match for my eyebrows, meaning I will no longer have to carry around chunkier palettes to use only one shade when travelling. Naked Basics 2 is such a convenient palette to take on short journeys as both subtle and more intense smokey looks can be created by using the five shades provided.


If you enjoy wearing cool toned shadows, this palette is definitely one of you if you’re willing to splash out a little more. Despite not being my favourite eyeshadow palette, it is definitely one that will be well loved.


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Emily X

One thought on “Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 review

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