Goals for 2017

I am horrendous at successfully completing or surpassing New Year’s resolutions as past years have proven, however this year I have set myself several goals which I am determined to achieve over the course of 2017. They are a lot less drastic and over optimistic like in previous years and most are quite personal goals, so hopefully I will be successful.

In terms of my personal life, I wish to become more prepared and organised. Although I am a keen list maker of things I need to do, I will actively put them off and eventually I will give up even trying to complete them because I have too much to do. I’m determined to prepare for sixth form the night before so that I have everything ready and I’m less stressed on a morning.


I also hope to develop a suitable sleeping pattern and decide on a time when I just need to switch off. Even though I regret it every morning when my alarm wakes me at 6am ready for sixth form, you can commonly find me awake at stupid o’clock doing Buzz Feed quizzes of what Disney princess I relate to most (always Rapunzel). In 2017 I desperately hope to stop this.

This year I also hope to take more time out to take care of myself a little bit more. I want to paint my nails as much as possible, take care of my hair and this will be the year I use up my mammoth amount of body moisturisers!

In 2017 I hope to upload blog posts as often as possible, about things that I enjoy writing about and continue to improve in every aspect of blogging. While doing this, I don’t want it to interfere with my school life as ultimately that is more important at the minute. Blogging is a hobby and although I would love to pursue it further, education is my back up.

While on the topic of education, I am determined to successfully pass my A Level exams in the summer by becoming more organised in advanced and revising as much as I’m capable of nearer the time. Although I was successful in my GCSE exams in 2015, A Levels have completely knocked my confidence and I definitely don’t believe in myself enough (and neither do some members of staff apparently). I want to prove myself (and others) wrong this year.

I ultimately hope that in December I can look back at this post and realise I have completed at least one goal, if not all. Thank you for ready this post, what are your goals for this year? Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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