What I got for Christmas| 2016

This year I was so incredibly lucky and received so many amazing presents from my friends and family for Christmas; all of which I am so grateful for. As I love having a nosey and seeing what other people received for Christmas, I thought I’d upload a ‘What I got for Christmas’ post too.

A series of items that were at the top of my Christmas list this year were some new accessories for my room. In 2017 I hope to slightly change the colour scheme of my room and make it feel less plain by adding bits of copper here and there. I was lucky enough to receive two new copper lamps (one of my desk and one for beside my bed), a copper mirror for on my desk,  copper wire ‘E’ initial and copper photo frame which I received as a secret Santa present from my best friend. Each item complements each other brilliantly and I can’t wait to redecorate my room in the new year.


Unsurprisingly, I also received a ton of Lush products. Anything from Lush is such a go-to gift for me and one that I will always appreciate as I go through so many every year. Most of the products are ones that I have used before and are favourites of mine. I even found it difficult to store my mountain of products; I won’t have to visit a Lush store any time soon!


To my complete surprise, my amazing mam had bought me several luxury beauty products, including the ‘de-slick’ setting spray, ‘de-slick’ mattifying powder and ‘Naked Basics 2’ eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, MAC ‘Honey Love’ lipstick and ‘Boldly Bare’ lipliner and ‘Alien’ perfume by Mugler. Having not asked for any of these items, she did so well and I am obsessed with all of them.


From my parents, I also received a huge box of Liz Earle skincare products. Throughout 2016 I became determined to take better care of my skin, I created myself an easy yet effective skincare regime and I plan to continue this into the new year. I already love using the ‘Cleanse and Polish’ hot cloth cleanser and can’t wait to begin using the ‘eyebright’ soothing lotion and ‘deep cleansing mask’.


Chosen by myself, I also received some items of clothing, such as new shoes, a pom pom beanie, jeans and my ultimate favourite – my Pull and Bear leather jacket. Although slightly too cold to wear at the moment, it is so soft and comfortable to wear.


From friends and family, I also received several new tsum tsums to add to my small yet growing collection. I absolutely love my new additions.


I couldn’t possibly list every single item I received otherwise we’d be here all day and this would be a very long post. I am so grateful for every single thing I received for Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful day, let me know what your favourite presents are in the comments. As always, thank you so much for reading this post. Make sure you’re always caught up by follow my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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