Friday Faves: Tana Mongeau

Every so often, like many people I’m sure, I love watching a bunch of story time videos on YouTube, mainly because the more outrageously terrifying ones make me feel slightly better about leading such a boring life, however any one is good enough for me. My new favourite creator of these genre of videos is without a doubt the incredible Tana Mongeau, who’s channel I have recently been glued to.

Although outrageous, ridiculous and occasionally petrifying; Tana’s story time videos are without a doubt entertaining. Her channel defines entertainment. There have been days where I have sat watching her videos for hours on end, in fact at first I felt like a child in a sweet shop – trying to decide which video to watch first! If you love hearing about the dramas and hysterics of the lives of others, definitely check her out! 


Tana also occasionally uploads the odd conspiracy theory themed vid on her channel; another series I get hooked to while watching. Like most, finding out about new conspiracy theories and developing my knowledge of those I already know about. Her collabs and single conspiracy theory videos will blow your mind. Perhaps my favourite of her videos is the “Mandela Effect” series. Although I’m not entirely sure I believe in the effect, Tana’s videos are convincing enough and will definitely catch you by surprise!

Within her videos, Tana’s completely hilarious and passionate personality shines through like no other. It’s obvious she loves creating her content for her videos and appears so down to earth yet still has me in hysterics in almost every video. Her hyperbolic language and general character makes me laugh literally out loud. It’s rare to find someone that can constantly create funny content without getting boring, unoriginal or irritating and Tana is most definitely within that category who manage to do so constantly. 

If you’re not already familiar with her, check out Tana’s channel and join her family of two million – you certainly won’t regret it! 

Tana’s YouTube

Tana’s Twitter

Tana’s Instagram

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Emily X

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