My quick and Simple skincare routine

Recently I have been having one too many bad skin days so I decided to switch up the majority of the products, I have been using as part of my skincare routine for a while now, as I felt as if they were no longer doing their job. Because my skin has recently become so sensitive to breakouts, I went with a brand I trust, Simple, in hope their products would restore my skin.

I already ritually use and love the Simple ‘moisturising facial cleanser’ as part of my daily routine on a morning as it always makes me feel so refreshed and wakes me up during those awful 6am starts.

As a once-or-twice-a-week alternative, I picked up the Simple ‘clear skin, oil balancing, exfoliating wash’ which is designed specifically for oily skin to “reduce blemishes”, “absorb excess oil” and “soften and smooth”, everything I could possible want in a product. Previous exfoliating washes I have used have been quite harsh therefore tend to irritate my skin, however this product is so gentle yet still manages to leave your face feeling super clean and soft.


It’s no secret that I love a good face mask every now and again so I decided to purchase the ‘kind to skin deep cleansing face mask’. While not really thinking much of it upon my first use, due to its lack of colour and thin texture compared to other face masks I am used to, this face mask left my skin feeling the softest it has felt in a long time. It is designed to “draw out deep down dirt and eliminate dead cells” and from my experience so far, it does exactly that. My skin looked visibly clearer and brighter after washing away the mask and I couldn’t ask for much more.


I love to follow this by using the ‘kind to skin pore minimising toning cleanser’ which is surprisingly thicker than every other cleanser I have every tried, yet also happens to work a lot better for me than any other cleanser. My skin instantly feels refreshed after this toner soaks in and my pores look visibly smaller. As I struggle with rather large pores due to my oily skin, this product is a skin saver for me.


Having oily skin occasionally makes me feel reluctant to moisturise, even though it is SO important, because I always feel that it will only make me look even more shiny. That was until I discovered Simple’s ‘clear skin oil balancing moisturiser’ which is designed to control shine and mattify skin while also restoring moisture through its use of tapioca starch and Vitamin E ingredients. This moisturiser is perfect for both day and night and doesn’t take forever to absorb like many others do.


After creating this little yet Simple skincare regime of mine, I can’t wait to discover even more of the amazing products that this brand has to offer that will benefit my skin. So far, so good with this routine.

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Emily X

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