Friday Faves: Fabulous Hannah

This time last year, FabulousHannah was a YouTuber I had heard a lot about from other YouTubers but had never watched a video of hers myself. Twelve months down the line, she is now potentially one of my favourite ladies of the YouTube community and I thoroughly enjoy every single video of hers uploaded onto her channel. Every time I see her name pop up in my subscription box I scream a little inside.

While uploading a mixture of beauty, baking and general chatty style videos onto her channel of  200,000 subscribers, Hannah is one of the most ‘real’ YouTubers I am currently subscribed to. By this, I mean I completely trust her opinion of recommendations within beauty videos and feel like who she presents herself as on her channel is who she truly is and not a fake personality to appeal to her audience. Hannah also comes across hilariously funny in her videos which makes them even more entertaining to watch, even if sometimes we are laughing rather than with her (then again, she probably is laughing too) in her occasionally disastrous baking videos. Thankfully, things don’t always go tits up in her baking videos and even then, they are just as enjoyable to watch. fabhan2

Throughout the course of this month, Fab Han is uploading videos wearing zero makeup (not that she needs it). Within a video she recently uploaded to her channel, addressing this and her theory behind it, she explained that when filming videos, she only applies her makeup when about to film a video and then removes it straight after, something that is more than likely common with a lot of beauty YouTubers. Due to this, she has decided to not wear makeup in the majority of her upcoming vids in order to show who she truly is. Although I feel like the true Hannah does shine through in her videos, I admire her so much for doing this as it shows what a brave and honest soul she is and how conscious she is of presenting a true reflection of who she is within them.

I may be no psychic, fortune teller or mystic meg, however I can only predict amazing things for Fab Han in the future and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about her, a lot more often. Although for Hannah, 200,000 subscribers will probably seem absolutely mental, especially considering she reached her 100,000 milestone only a number of months ago, I can truly see her channel growing even more. Her relatable personality makes it so difficult not to love her and her videos.


If you aren’t already completely infatuated with Hannah’s videos, head over to her channel and show her some love, I’m sure you’ll find her videos just as irresistible to watch as me.

Hannah’s main channel

Hannah’s vlog channel

Hannah’s twitter

Hannah’s Instagram

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Emily X

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