Joe and Caspar Hit Newcastle

If you’ve read previous posts of mine, you’ll know that I’m all about #TeamInternet and love nothing more than witnessing people I am inspired by do amazing things and succeed. Last night I had such an incredible opportunity to witness this yet again at Newcastle City Hall, to see Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee promoting their second movie, “Joe and Caspar: Hit the Road USA“. 

As if the whole event couldn’t have been more exciting, what with being only six rows from the front, seeing the boys do live challenges on stage AND watching exclusive clips and bloopers from the unreleased movie, I even got to meet them both prior to the event. Having already met both Joe and Caspar on separate occasions in the past, I felt so overwhelming lucky to be able to meet them both again and together this time and unsurprisingly, they were super lovely and welcoming as always (and somehow managed to look even more incredible than usual???)


The show itself was just brilliant; it had me both laughing and smiling the entire way through and I couldn’t have wished for it to be any better than it was. Iain Stirling was the perfect presenter for the show (and is pretty much my whole childhood in one). The boys kicked off the show, after a very dramatic entrance, by throwing “Joe and Caspar: Hit the Road USA” t shirts into the audience to provoke even more enthusiasm within the crowd (as if that was actually possible) and followed by showing a trailer for the second “Hit the Road” movie.


Joe and Caspar also took part in live challenges on stage including ‘Lasso You’ (featuring a rather realistic Oli White cardboard cut-out), ‘astronaut or audience member’ and my person favourite (point to those of you who can guess why) a less extreme version of one of Caspar’s most loved video series – ‘Brain Freeze’. They also occasionally involved lucky audience members in their challenges and there was even time for a Q and A prior to the end of the event.


We were also shown an exclusive vlog from the USA road trip, when the boys stayed overnight in a haunted hotel room and Joe, being Joe, took the opportunity to scare the living daylights out of Caspar. Let’s be real, would we have expected anything else?

The night ended with the big reveal; which of the boys had won the most amount of points from the challenges. Although it seemed pretty impossible until the last challenge which resulted in a tie-breaker question, it was Caspar who was crowned king and Joe who had to wear the rather large Hotdog costume and almost fell off the stage! The audience were then left with some bloopers from the upcoming movie to close the event.


Honestly, I cannot fault the whole event in the slightest way. While sitting here in bed at 1am writing this, I’m still on such a buzz because of how completely amazing it was. As mentioned, I adore seeing people that I’m inspired by do crazy things like this and having the opportunity to be in a huge room full of people that feel exactly the same way about the same people was just mind-blowing. I feel like when Joe and Caspar are achieving such amazing things like this on a daily basis, it’s difficult to remember that they started out making videos in their bedrooms. Seeing how far they’ve come since then is just unbelievable and I still wish them all the success in the future. If you’re going to any of the upcoming tour dates you’re certainly in for a treat and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did!

Joe and Caspar: Hit the Road USA” is available for pre-order now and is released on 21st November 2016 and we’re definitely in with a treat for this one! Check out the official trailer here.


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Emily X

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