Five things I’m currently loving

Strictly’s Pocket Rockets

I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve never been a huge fan of Strictly Come Dancing (don’t get me wrong, I admire all the hard work that goes into the routines and the show in general, but I just don’t ever seem to get into it) but this year I have grew a complete attachment to the Pocket Rockets that are Claudia and AJ. I have been routing for them every week so far and always look forward to seeing their routine as they both have so much enthusiasm and energy.  That, and the fact that I’m a walking, talking heart eye emoji whenever AJ is on my TV screen. I’m sure they’ll go far in this year’s competition and wish them the best of luck for the rest of their time on Strictly!


MAC Mehr/Soar combination

I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks that are perfect for Autumn/Winter but this combination of dark pinky-nudes is my absolute favourite as it is so easy to wear and goes with so many of my Autumn/Winter outfits. The two lip products complement each other perfectly and I’d definitely recommend them for this time of year if you don’t fancy going all out with dark-autumn-berry shades as it is slightly subtler.


The perfect winter scarf

As soon Autumn began, I was already on the hunt for a huge scarf that would keep me warm as well as look nice during the colder months. The weather in England has made it obvious that it certainly isn’t summer anymore, meaning I’ve been freezing on the 7:30 bus commute to Sixth Form so when I found my idea of a perfect winter scarf for only £7 in Primark there was no way I was going home without it. Winter colours, extremely warm and cosy and only £7, can you really go wrong?


Selasi (need I say any more)

The Great British Bake Off has been a favourite of mine for many years now and I feel like every year it only gets better (I doubt this trend will continue next year *cries for eternity*). I absolutely adore Selasi as I’m sure many Bake Off fans do too. He completely makes my Wednesday, if not my whole week! I can’t wish and hope enough that he will get through to the final.


Once Upon a Blog Post

I completely adore everything I own from the new Zoella Lifestyle range, however the ‘Once Upon A Time’ notebook is an obvious favourite. I have wanted a new notebook to plan future blog posts and this is absolutely perfect! I have found because I love this little gem so much i want to plan new posts constantly – something I’m definitely not complaining about as I certainly was in need of some motivation!


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Emily X

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