Lush Halloween collection | 2016

Although I will make an excuse for a Lush bath any time possible, I always look forward to their seasonal collections as they always somehow manage to out-do their core collection. Despite being quite small this year’s Halloween collection is as amazing as always and I couldn’t wait my hands on a selection of the goodies they have on offer this year.


For me, the adorable little ‘sparkly pumpkin’ bubble bar was absolutely irresistible. There was no way I was leaving the Lush store without it. Despite it being extremely, overwhelmingly glittery (it somehow managed to get all over my hands, my clothes and my face) this bubble bar is quite literally the cutest little thing you ever did see.


To pair with ‘sparkly pumpkin’, I picked up the ‘pumpkin’ bath bomb as these two go hand in hand. I can only imagine how amazing they will look and smell when in use. This bath bomb sums up Halloween so well and looks so realistic too!


One of the items from the range I was most excited about when scrolling through the Lush website upon their release was the ‘monsters ball’ bath bomb. I have never seen anything like this from Lush before and therefore I had to take it home with me. It’s bright colours and incredible scent completely persuaded me. I can imagine this bath bomb will be a new favourite for many Lushies.


I can’t wait to indulge in an extra-long, extra-relaxing bath with these goodies and I can imagine I will be back at the Lush store soon to pick up replacements once they are gone (as well as some of their amazing Christmas treats too!)

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Emily X

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