Little life changes

At the beginning of 2016, I vowed to myself to attempt to get healthier and lose weight. I can guiltily admit that the first half of the year was a complete fail however since getting back from my summer holiday, I have been making little life changes and making more of an effort to do so.

It was a New Year’s resolution of mine to drink more water throughout the course of the year and I have more recently been ditching the fizzy drinks for an ice cool bottle of water. I’ve noticed that my skin becomes considerably clearer and brighter after drinking more water and I am FINALLY beginning to tolerate the plain taste it has, that I have never liked. Despite this, it’s not yet enough to make me abandon my beloved 7up Mojito.

While in Majorca, I participated in many activities with the animation team that I ended up thoroughly enjoying, one of which being Yoga. Since getting back home I have occasionally been kick-starting my day with twenty minutes of yoga and LOVING it. I feel so much more awake afterwards, even if I do look like a complete idiot. I love watching Yoga with Adriene, who is incredible for teaching beginners and complete amateurs like myself, to guide me through it and have even invested in some yoga pants so that I can’t give it up. Now all I need is a blue yoga mat to go with them.


If I’m feeling brave after a yoga session, I will carry on my morning of activities with reciting the hotel club dance routines from on holiday. By no means am I a keen dancer but this was something else I loved doing on holiday and found not only do I feel great (yet slightly sweaty) afterwards, it also helps me to relive the holiday memories.

After an hour of stretching and jumping all over the place like a crazy person, I have been swapping my Nutella smothered bagels for my (not at all) famous smoothie recipe which obviously is so much healthier yet is still so tasty. Although it differs slightly every time, I always enjoy it and only end up craving more.


Snacking is an issue I have always struggled with and have always found it difficult to find tasty yet healthy alternatives to my usual bag of crisps or chocolate bars, until now that is. Graze is a subscription service I have known about for a while and have always wanted to try, so what better time to do so that now? After testing out a selection of their individual snack packs from Boots and loving many of them, I decided to take the plunge and order a full box, and what a simple procedure it was! All you have to do is create an account, choose which box you love the most and identify which ingredients you don’t like so there’s no chance of them popping up in your box. After trying out your lovely little box, you have the opportunity to rate snacks and select ‘send soon’ for ones you really can’t wait to try.


I already have many favourites, including the ‘sea side salt and vinegar’ (which I was so pleasantly surprised about), ‘slightly sweetened popcorn’ and the ‘lemon drizzle flapjacks’. I also adored the ‘strawberries and cream protein yoghurt topper’, which paired with my smoothie bowl recipe was a match made in heaven.


If you wish to try out some of the delicious snacks that Graze have to offer, use my referral code GCGKLTTYP to get your first, fifth and tenth boxes completely free! Once your account is made, you too will get a friend code and £1 worth of box credits will be popped into your account each time someone uses your code to sign up, eventually leading to free boxes for you too.

My Graze subscription box is a new addition to my life that I have been loving and each time it arrives through my door, I already can’t wait for my next box of goodies to arrive.

Although none of the changes or additions I have made have been drastic or life changing, they are a start and for me, quite beneficial. I can’t wait to begin making even more simple and easy changes. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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