Zoella Lifestyle

As I’m sure many fellow bloggers and YouTube fanatics can relate, when the brand new Zoella Lifestyle range was released, partnering Zoe’s immensely popular Zoella Beauty range, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic. From the moment I caught sight of all of the wonderful new products being released I could not wait to get my hands on a selection of the range and therefore scoured my local Boots stores for several consecutive days waiting for the stock to launch.

As expected, the entire range of lifestyle products are so aesthetically pleasing. From candles to cosy socks, the new range has everything you could ever need to relish in a comfy night in (that’s after kick-starting it off with a Zoella Beauty filled bath of course), and every single item is stunning.

 I adore the contrast of light grey and orange paired with copper detail which is a running theme throughout the collection; it truly represents Zoe and appeals to so many people. Everything is so classy and Instagram worthy. This being said, you can imagine how difficult my decision was in choosing which selection of the products to buy, resisting from splurging out and buying everything.

One item I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist buying was the ‘Write on Point’ copper embossed pencil collection. I have always wanted my own set of those fancy, slogan embossed pencils you see on Instagram and Pinterest but have never found any that I like or relate to me in some way but now Zoe has made this possible. The set of five are beautifully finished, have the sweetest messages and most importantly, sharpen SO effortlessly and don’t snap straight away. I can’t wait to get using these ASAP.


Despite having an unhealthy number of notebooks piled up on my desk, my inner Disney enthusiast/fairy-tale lover couldn’t leave the shop without the ‘once upon a time’ notebook. It has recently become my new blog post planning essential, mainly due to how wide it is compared to your average A5 notebook. We all know I’m a big fan of an inspirational quote and this pleather covered book has several incorporated amongst the lined sheets, another feature I adore.


I was such a big fan of the ‘Hey Roomie’ reed diffuser from the Zoella Beauty range last year, so when I discovered Zoe had created a selection of new scents I couldn’t have been happier. I felt like ‘Lazy Days’ was a good choice to start off with for now but believe me, I can’t wait to try others as soon as I run out. It is such a fresh, clean and relaxing smell, which I can imagine will appeal to almost anyone. Although not too overwhelming, the diffuser is the perfect amount of noticeable and my room currently smells incredible because of it.


Zoe once again has completely outdone herself once again with this incredibly classy, professional range and there is most certainly something for everyone. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of the collection, specifically the candles.

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Emily X

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