£5 Kylie Lip Kit dupe?

Since arriving way back in June, my Kylie Lip Kits have quite easily become some of my favourite liquid lipsticks in my collection and there’s no denying that. This is mainly down to the sheer easy of application and how long they last, without transferring or smudging all over my face. However as much as I do adore them, finding a cheaper and more accessible alternative was a goal of mine. After all, who doesn’t love a good dupe?

If you live in the UK I’m sure you will have heard of the drugstore makeup brand Sleek, which retails in Superdrug and Boots stores and online. Every time I pass a Sleek counter my eyes almost bulge out of my head while admiring their huge range of beauty products, despite this I never knew which products to buy because there was so much to choose from and I was unsure what would suit me best.

Eventually, I discovered their range of matte liquid lipsticks, ‘Matte Me lip creams’, and naturally fell in love with the shade ‘Birthday Suit’ which is my idea of the perfect nude colour. It is a colour I love to wear and find it easily goes with any makeup look or outfit. I couldn’t wait to wear it.


After swatching it upon my purchase, I couldn’t believe the similarity of the colour to the beloved ‘Candy K’ from Kylie Jenner’s range of lip kits. This as a shade from her range that I adored, however was constantly sold out. Now I feel there is no need for me to waste £30+ on something identical to what I already have.


For a fraction of the price, ‘Birthday Suit’ also has an indistinguishable formula compared to the Kylie lip kit range. They dry matte almost instantly after application and don’t budge, while also not feel bone dry whatsoever. Although after several hours of application they do begin to fade in the slightest way, they leave a stain on your lips meaning it isn’t necessary to apply more product.

For me, the only differences between the two are the humungous price difference, scent and packaging. While Kylie’s products may come packaged classier and instagrammable along with a softer applicator and sweet scent; the Sleek ‘Matte Me lip creams’ sadly do not, but when the product is on your lips, who cares what the tube it comes in looks like? However, they do come equipped with a rather long and thin applicator, making life so much easier for you ladies with fuller lips (something I unfortunately was not blessed with). While saying this, application is still super easy for anyone with thinner lips like myself.


I can’t wait to get myself some more of the Matte Me range by Sleek, as I was overly impressed by the amazing quality of ‘Birthday Suit’. If you’re considering a Kylie Lip Kit, definitely try these first!

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Emily X

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