Why I’m excited for Autumn/Winter

Although summer has barely waved goodbye, already I can’t control my anticipation and all round excitement to whip out the woolly jumpers and for the colder months to begin. Despite it being such a chore to remember several extra layers every day and the bitter temperatures can completely ruin your day, I have more recently discovered there are certain things I love about autumn/winter time and for that, I can’t wait for the autumn/winter months to officially arrive.

Potentially the main reason I am most excited for autumn/winter to arrive is due to the annual release of Lush’s Halloween and Christmas collections. We all know I am partial to a Lush bath bomb or two and I’ve found they get ten times better towards the end of the year. Although always tend to buy a ridiculous amount of their collection, I always find I my stocked up collection disappears pretty quickly around this time of year.

lush christmas

Whether a Lush bath bomb is involved or not, the colder months are a perfect excuse for the occasional cosy night in; involving cuddling up in bed or under your quilt on the sofa with a Christmas classic (don’t worry, I don’t think it’s TOO early) or one of your personal favourite movies on the TV. And yes, hot chocolate and plenty of snacks are always a good idea.

I may sound like a forty-year-old woman; however, I do love a good candle. Something tells me that this year I will be buying A LOT of autumn/winter inspired candles to accompany me on my cosy nights in. I feel like a good old candle paired with my new fairy lights, which are my new obsession, will create the perfect atmosphere, whether I am watching a film or writing away on my blog.

YouTube queen, Zoella, recently announced her Christmas range for this year and revealed it is completely focused around the scent of gingerbread, could it possibly get any more Christmasy? I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the range (if not all of it!) to get me in the Christmas spirit even more, if that is possible.

zoella beauty christmas 2016.jpg

Is it just me, or does hot chocolate taste so much better in the colder months? Although I have attempted to drink it many times throughout spring and summer, I just don’t seem to enjoy it as much, despite it tasting completely the same as any other time. Believe me, the second that the temperature begins to drop and leaves are laying on the ground, the hot chocolate jar will be coming back out and I’ll be drinking uncountable mugs all over again.

I have more lipsticks than any human would ever need, however throughout summer I found myself constantly reaching for the same shades over and over again. I cannot wait for winter to roll around to whack out my darker, berry tones and red shades again! They have been well and truly missed.

autumn lips2

Alongside my darker lip shades, I love wearing burgundy and maroon in the colder months as it makes me feel so festive. These items of my wardrobe were sadly pushed to the side throughout summer and spring but I cannot wait to begin wearing them all over again, and hopefully get a few new additions too!

Who can forget the most obvious reason everyone anticipates as soon as the cold weather rolls in; CHRISTMAS! I may be seventeen years old, however on Christmas day you wouldn’t think it at all. I still get excited as I did ten years ago and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Although there are also a lot of things I do despise about autumn/ winter, mainly the dark mornings and nights, having to be at sixth form rather than cuddled up in bed when it is bitterly cold and the complete lack of sunshine in the UK; I cannot wait to be able to enjoy some of my favourite things all over again and for Autumn and Winter to officially begin this year.

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Emily X


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