My perfect palette | Zoeva Cocoa Blend

One eyeshadow palette that has certainly become a cult product within the beauty blogging community over the past year or so is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. Although I have always thought it to be beautiful, I have often overlooked it’s potential as the majority of the shades within the set of ten are  similar to ones I use on a daily basis. After growing more and more towards the palette by the day, I finally caved and decided to treat myself, and yet again to join in on another hype.

As Zoeva isn’t widely available or as well known in the UK, I fully based my decision to buy this palette on other reviews and from what I had seen in tutorials and favourites videos on YouTube. I didn’t really know what to expect, other than that I already love wearing the colours it has to offer and that there must be something to hype about if SO many well-known beauty bloggers and vloggers rave about it so much.

Immediately, I fell in love with the stunning packaging; so sleek and classy. The gold detailing massively appealed to me too. If anything, the palette is so travel friendly as it is incredibly thin and has ten eyeshadows which could create so many different looks (subtle or bolder and either way glamorous), however a mirror would make it even more so.


With an exception of the first two shadows on the top row, they are all outstandingly pigmented; even more so than other high end palettes I own, ‘Naked 2’ by Urban Decay especially! From the moment that I swatched the shadows I knew I’d choose using Cocoa Blend over every other palette I own. Blending eyeshadows has never been so easy; each and every one in the palette is so amazingly soft. Each pan is also significantly bigger than the individual eyeshadows in other palettes I own, hopefully meaning this will last me for a very long time!


Whether matte or shimmery, every shade is easily wearable, even the darker shades which I wouldn’t usually wear. Cocoa Blend has been part of my daily makeup routine since it arrived at my door and although I love every shade the palette has to offer, there has been one look I have been recreating almost every day as it is so ‘me’. Pairing the matte crease shades “substitute for love” and “freshly toasted” with “pure ganache” to create a golden smokey eye has worked so well for me so far and I’ve even received a few compliments about the eyeshadow look.

Although pricier than drugstore palettes that often contain an array of shadows for half of the price, I wouldn’t think twice about paying the £18.00 price tag again. Coming in at less than half of the price of a Naked or Too Faced chocolate bar palette, it has quickly become a staple in my makeup collection and a new favourite palate of mine. Although I won’t yet be abandoning my “Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar” palette, I can honestly say I won’t be reaching for it as often now that this absolute gem is part of my life.


After falling so quickly in love with this palette, I can’t wait to try more from Zoeva’s vast variety of eyeshadow palettes in the future, many of which are already part of my makeup wish list.

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Emily X


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