Summer in Sa Coma | 2016

I’ve never been one to count down the days until going on holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always excited – but the anticipation I felt for this year’s get away was something else. You can only imagine when the all-important day finally arrived and we had packed up the car and began our journey to the airport, I was ecstatic!

Having been to Majorca for our summer holidays for the last five consecutive years, it’s always somewhere I love returning to and brings back so many memories. Although the two-and-a-half-hour plane journey followed by a two hour bus journey to the hotel had not gone as smoothly as I hoped (due to feeling massively travel sick and having a child kick the back of my chair for the entirety of the way) I was so relieved when we FINALLY removed our suitcases from the bus and checked into the hotel. We have stayed at this particular hotel several times in a row and every year it majorly tops my expectations. They completely out do themselves and make every holiday unforgettable.


Although not all of the days we were away for provided us with the best weather we could have wished for (what with two or three days being quite cloudy) I managed to get myself quite the suntan which I am hoping will last a lot longer than it is likely to. I always seem to tan to a certain extent and then stop all together a few days into the holiday, however this year I left Majorca being more tanned than I have ever been.

Having no responsibilities and a lot of spare time on my hands meant I was able to lay back on my lounge bed and read to my heart’s content. As mentioned in previous posts, I have always loved reading but never make the time to do it anymore as my life has become exceptionally busier within than past few years. The two books I read while away were “All The Bright Places” by Jenifer Niven and “Everything Everything” by Nicola Yoon and I devoured both well before the holiday finished!

palm trees

Despite loving lying back and soaking up the sun, I find doing it every day for six or seven consecutive hours can be quite boring and there’s only so many times you can listen to your iTunes library without feeling sick to death. I love getting involved in all of the activities that I can and often find I end up really enjoying them. This year I played my all-time favourite, Sjoelen, as well as trying out new activities such as garden darts, shuffle board, petanca and even attempting yoga several times – the key word there being “attempting“. I even managed to win two games of shuffle board, earning myself two diplomas. As well as getting involved in competitive games, I loved taking part in the aqua splash pool “dances” as a way to cool down during the mid-day heat. It was always fun to join in on the club dances on a night after watching the entertainment too!


I can guarantee helping out the entertainment team by “looking after” the hotel’s mascots, Protty and Mrs Protty, on several occasions, is not something that will be on everyone’s holiday agenda however I loved every moment of it! Since it is something I do as part of my job anyway, I wasn’t at all shy about it. The entertainment team were so grateful for me doing them the favour, they repaid me in mojitos for the rest of the holiday – which weren’t on the all-inclusive menu. Although I didn’t expect or want any payment in any shape or form, I certainly wasn’t complaining!

mr an mrsmrs prottymojito

One truly ‘unforgettable’ moment that occurred after one or two mojitos had been consumed was managing to get trapped in the rather small and claustrophobic hotel elevator. Although I have been trapped in elevators before, it has never lasted long enough to the point where the emergency button has to be pressed and the hotel engineers had to scramble up seven flights of stairs in order to prise open the doors. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was so typical that it would happen to our family, we couldn’t understand a word that our rescuers were saying but at the same time, being in Majorca was hot enough without being squashed against the elevator walls for twenty minutes. Thankfully, we managed to escape without too much harm done to us or the elevator, but we were a little wary to use it the following morning.

My favourite thing about staying at the hotel, which we do almost every year, is seeing the same friendly staff each year and having them recognise and remember us from previous visits. This year’s entertainment team is the best I have ever seen at the hotel and I’m so happy that I got to know each of them. They were all so wonderful in their own way and went out of their way to make sure we had the best holiday, which was well and truly achieved.

avid 2avid 3nimationdavid

Although we tried to make the most of very day we had there, knowing the two weeks would fly over, greed certainly started to kick in when we hit single figures of the amount of days we had left, leaving me wishing I could have an extra week, or two, or in fact infinite amount of days remaining of the holiday.

palm trees3

When our final day inevitably arrived, I spent the majority of it moping about and creating excuses for me not to leave Sa Coma, none of which would ever have worked. After saying a few emotional goodbyes, there was only one thing left to do – make our lengthy journey back to the airport to begin our heart-breaking journey home.

sky 2

Having being back several days now, it’s become so obvious to me that reality will never be as good as life feels when you’re on holiday, no matter where that might be. Although this year’s holiday currently feels completely unbeatable, it’s left me anticipating next year get away even more and I already can’t wait for the next twelve months to roll around.

Reading this post may have felt like reading a novel (sorry) however I can’t wait to re-read it time and time again in months and years to come and reminisce. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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