Friday Faves: Channon Rose

Recently I have been getting so engrossed in watching the typical ‘haunted house’ and ‘ghost story’ videos, which probably isn’t the best thing to do right before bed when you are very VERY easily scared, only resulting in endless hours of absolutely no sleep whatsoever! Perhaps the best of these videos I have watched so far come from the stunning lady that is Channon Rose and over the past few months I have become utterly obsessed with her channel in general.

Channon’s ‘haunted house’ videos have the perfect balance of intriguing and interesting-ness paired with still being super spooky and scary. There are so many of them on her channel for all of you thrill seekers or anyone that loves a good ghost story.  I honestly have no idea how she coped in life with THAT amount of horrendous things happening in her house! Although some believe Channon’s stories are fake, she has had many friends and family members back her up within videos, and hey – they’re good entertainment anyway so what does it matter if they are or aren’t? Channon is also partial to the occasional jump scare in several of her videos, meaning I have to check the comments before watching any spooky videos in order to sleep well that night, but it just adds to the entertainment right?

image (4)

The story time’ video’s on Channon’s channel are my favourite of her videos by far. She has such an excitement filled life and while only being young, already has so many stories and memories to share. I absolutely love learning about all of the crazy things she has done so far in her life. From her videos, it’s safe to say Channon was no angel as a teenager and did some insane things, including stealing her mother’s car in order to go to a party and almost killing her stepmom. Her videos make my life look so boring, but then again it is.

image (5)

There are so many of her videos on her channel that have made me quite literally laugh out loud, which is one thing I love about Channon. By just being herself in front of a camera, she creates pure entertainment which I, along with the rest of her 800k subscribers, love watching. It is one of the main reasons I continue to watch her videos, purely because she is herself. It doesn’t come across like she puts an act on in front of the camera to create a good video.

image (3)

Channon has also written her own book, The Story of Channon Rosewhich I will definitely need to get my hands on sometime soon so I can find out even more about her insane life so far. I can imagine if you love the videos on her channel, you’ll love the book just as much.

After reading this post, make sure you head over to Channon’s YouTube channel and hit that ‘subscribe’ button. All of her links are below:

Channon’s YouTube channel

Channon’s Twitter

Channon’s Instagram

As always thank you so much for reading this post. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram. This post is my own opinions only and was not sponsored or influenced in any way.

Emily X

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