Friday Faves: lilmisschickas

If you’ve read previous posts of mine before, you’ll be completely aware that I am an absolute Disney fanatic and love all things Disney, meaning there’s no better way for me to relax that to watch a Disney vlog or too. One person in particular who’s Disney vlogs I am obsessed with at the minute is Charlotte, also knows by her thousands of viewers as ‘lilmisschickas’.

Towards the beginning of the year I found myself constantly watching Disney hauls, Disney planning videos, Disney tips and tricks videos etc in order to make me more familiar with a Disney holiday for when we eventually book one of our own (hopefully that time won’t be too long away!) and every time I searched for a new video, I always found myself coming back to Charlottes channel. Weeks down the line after watching numerous of her videos, I thought to myself “this girl is super entertaining and clearly knows what she’s talking about, why the hell am I not subscribed?” and you can bet I hit that ‘subscribe’ button pretty damn quick!

image (2)

It was only later that I realised Charlotte had also vlogged past Disney trips too, making me even more engrossed in her channel that I previously had been. I adored binge watching her Disneyland Paris vlogs and currently, I love her Walt Disney World vlogs even more! I’m always anticipating and looking forward to the next one and as soon as that one finishes, I already can’t wait until the following week for the next one.

As I mentioned, Charlotte also has a hell of a lot of ‘Disney holiday planning’ themed videos on her channel which are so useful. Even if you’ve been on a Disney holiday before, I can imagine you will still learn something from her videos.


Within her videos, Charlotte comes across as such a friendly and down to earth girl. Her videos feel so comforting to me and I love sitting down and catching up on them after a long day in order to unwind and relax. I personally feel as if the number of subscribers she has doesn’t quite do her channel justice, so deserves so many more! After reading this post, please make sure you head over to her channel and hit subscribe! The lovely Charlotte is also a fellow blogger. She posts so frequently, there’s always something new on her site every time I head over to it.

Charlotte’s YouTube channel

Charlotte’s blog

Charlotte’s twitter

Charlotte’s instagram

As always, thank you for reading this post of mine. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram. This post is my own opinions only and was not sponsored or influenced in any way.

Emily X

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