Friday Faves: Exploring with Cody

Last week, I posted my ‘Exploring with Josh’ edition of ‘Friday Faves’ and this week’s edition is completely focused around his partner in crime, Cody Buffinton – also known by his thousands of subscribers as ‘Exploring with Cody’.

Now I have to admit, Josh is the member of the ‘Exploring Crew’ that I originally began watching and have been for months on end now, however more recently, Cody has been my ‘go to’ YouTuber. I’ve found on numerous occasions I now tend to stumble onto his channel to watch and rewatch his videos whenever I have spare time on my hands.

Both Cody’s videos and his Instagram are so aesthetically pleasing. Some of pictures he posts and video clips he somehow manages to document are truly breath taking. He quite truthfully takes exploring to the next level and in fact, his social media accounts completely define ‘travel goals’.

horse shoe

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that Cody’s ‘abandoned videos are my absolute favourites on his channel. Anything that is adrenaline filled and has an eerie vibe to it is fascinating for me to watch, even if they do occasionally scare the crap out of me. As lame as it sounds, documenting a decaying old building with masses of rubbish left inside could not be more appealing to me and Cody does it just perfectly.


At the end of his videos, Cody occasionally does a little sit-down chatty clip where he discusses important issues and reflects on life situations. Despite being a complete contrast to the action packed content he majorly provides, I live for these sections of the videos! I feel like it’s a chance to get to know more about Cody as a person and you can guarantee there will always be a positive message at the end of it, a moral to the story.

I genuinely cannot find the words to express Cody’s talent, when it comes to filming and photography. Although you can’t define talent with a particular number, the amount of subscribers he has just does not do the quality of his videos justice. There are so many YouTubers these days that have an incredibly huge amount of subscribers, yet will throw anything onto their channel – as long as they have a video up that day and Cody’s channel could not possibly reflect a more opposite view. He clearly invests so much time and effort into his content and I cannot stress enough how much you NEED to hit his subscribe button.


Make sure you check out all of Cody’s social media links which are linked below:

Cody’s YouTube channel

Exploring Crew YouTube channel

Cody’s Twitter

Cody’s Instagram

As always, thank you so much for reading. This post was not sponsored in any way and is my own opinions only. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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