Friday Faves: Exploring with Josh

Now that the summer holidays have finally arrived and I have a lot more time on my hands, you can expect frequent and potentially more regular blog posts from me. What better way to kick start more frequent posts that with more ‘Friday Faves’, the series I began earlier in the year and absolutely loved every second of it. If you read my ‘Mid-Year Faves’ post, you’ll have seen I have been absolutely loving watching ‘Exploring with Josh’ and his abandoned/exploring videos. There just wasn’t enough room to write about his channel in that post so I HAD to do an individual one!

Whilst recently travelling around uncountable amounts of places, Josh, an urban explorer come YouTuber, has documented his journey along the way and it truly has been fascinating to watch. He is currently the definition of living life to the fullest. I can only imagine how incredible it will be for him to watch his videos back when he is older and reminisce on all the adventures he went on throughout his life.

Although I love watching every video he posts on his channel, his documentation of exploring abandoned places are my absolutely favourite. I just love seeing how old buildings and attractions have changed over time and with age, although the occasional video will scare the absolute crap out of me and prevent me from falling asleep – especially those of which where the exploring crew find people or ‘ghosts’ in the buildings. It’s so amazing to see what remains inside of the buildings and areas, how they have begun to rot and what changes humans have personally made.

exploring with josh

Perhaps my ultimate favourite of all of his videos is the abandoned dreamland exploration. As the theme park is so similar to a Disney park, it just made me think about what would happen to Disney theme parks is the Disney craze ever disappeared (and *fingers crossed* it never ever will).  

exploring with josh dreamland.jpg

I also love any abandoned asylum or school related videos as I find those so interesting to watch, as these typically have the most remains left in them and as you can imagine, the asylum videos have an eerie and sinister vibe about them. Another video I would also recommend watching is Josh’s ‘abandoned mansion’ documentation as there was so many items left behind in the mansion which just makes you wonder about the story behind it all. I also love watching Josh’s daily vlogs, which he has recently restarted as it’s always amazing to discover what people get up to on a regular day, or at least as ‘regular’ as it gets for someone like Josh.  

exploring with josh asylum

Josh’s videos are some of the few that I can watch and watch and rewatch over and over and I will still never get bored and never feel less adrenaline-filled each time. I always anticipate his next video and I honestly hope they never end. Upon first discover Josh’s channel, I binge-watched pretty much all of the videos on his channel and loved each just as much as the previous.

One million and three hundred thousand is a big number, however there are numbers that are a hell of a lot bigger. Although that amount of subscribers must feel over whelming, Josh deserves so much more. It’s so obvious that a hell of a lot of effort goes into producing his videos and in my opinion, one million and three hundred thousand just doesn’t do them justice.

If you love anything on the more sinister side of YouTube or just love a good old exploring/abandoned adventurous video like myself, you will become completely obsessed with Josh’s channel, just as much as I am.

Make sure you check out Josh’s channel and social media accounts, which will be linked below, to see all of his amazing adventures and make sure you also check out the exploring crew’s new, joint YouTube channel while you’re at it!

Josh’s YouTube channel

Exploring Crew YouTube channel

Josh’s Twitter

Josh’s Instagram

As always, thank you for reading this post. You can anticipate a lot more from me this summer. To make sure you’re always caught up with my posts, follow my blog, my twitter and Instagram. This blog post is my own opinions only ad was not sponsored or influenced in any way.

Emily X

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