Student Struggles 2016

My first year of studying A Levels in year 12 has been a pretty difficult one for me. I was incredibly shocked by the huge difference between GCSE’s to further education. It’s been one hell of a jump and there are so many struggles I’ve faced along the way. Finally, my first year is over and I honestly could not be happier about it.

As a naturally tidy and organised person I actually struggled so much with keeping organised this year which was another shock for me. After attempting to keep my notes as neat as possible for as long as possible, I found that I eventually couldn’t keep up in lessons and was missing out a lot of more than likely valuable information, which resulted in me scribbling notes down, making it a nightmare when I came to revise at the end of the year. Not only were my folders completely unorganised, so was my room! By the time I arrived home from a long day at sixth form, I completely could not be bothered with keeping tidy and flung my bags, jackets and shoes across my room. There were constantly loose sheets of unfinished work and irrelevant notes scattered across my floor and cluttering my desk, my bedroom bin was overflowing with empty bottles and screwed up bits of paper. My whole life in general was a complete mess and I hadn’t experienced anything like it before.

Since I attend a sixth form that is relatively far away from my house, the days felt so long so you can imagine by the time I got home I was exhausted. Even half days dragged due to the hour long bus journey to and from. Whenever the weekend finally arrived I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed before nine o’clock. And then following a weekend of work, you can only imagine how much of a struggle it was for me to crawl out of bed and six am on Monday morning.

When I left Secondary school after completing my GCSE’s, I couldn’t bare the fact that I would be getting a new set of teachers. I grew kind of attached to my secondary school teachers after knowing them for roughly five years and making so many amazing memories at school. Starting sixth form made me realise my new teachers just did not and would not ever compare and to this day, almost a year on I still miss the teachers and school life in general a hell of a lot.

In the beginning, I found making new friends a big struggle. Although not many people I knew attended my new sixth form, I was lucky enough to still have my best friends there with me but I wasn’t always with them in lessons. In one class in particular, I knew nobody which felt so awkward and awful, bringing out the shyness in me. Now, I have made an amazing group of friends who I feel so comfortable and ‘me’ around which is one thing that helps me miss school a little less.

Now that I don’t have a set uniform, I found that so much of my money went on buying new clothes so I didn’t look like ‘that person’ wearing the same clothes every single week. Although now I have sort of become ‘that person’, I don’t care as much as I did when I started because I originally wanted to make a good first impression.

Although this blog post was a little different and slightly more personal, I hope it was still enjoyable enough. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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