The best liquid lipstick? | Kylie Lip Kit review

At the moment, it seems like liquid lipsticks are all the rage and almost every beauty brand has created their own take on them. Even a few celebrities have brought their own versions out, the most famous of which being Kylie Jenner’s ‘Kylie Lip Kits’. What with all the controversy surround Kylie and her lips, you can only imagine the hype when they were first released. What with so many drugstore alternatives, I was originally reluctant to join in on the hype but I must admit it was difficult to resist with the myriad of swatch videos and artsy insta pics, so like with every other hype… I eventually caved!

Unlike with almost everyone else who now owns a Kylie Lit Kit for themselves, I didn’t actually find I had great difficulty purchasing the kits. It seemed many people were disappointed as they sold out super quickly, however I just so happened to be scrolling down the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page and noticed the website had been restocked and managed to grab a lip kit of my own.

lip kit close ups 2

As for delivering to the UK, the estimated delivery time is predicted roughly between 15-20 days (excluding Sundays and public holidays) however I found that both of my kits arrived quicker than expected.

As you can imagine, both times that my lip kits arrived I was incredibly eager to try them out and immediately I was so impressed! Not only do they come perfectly packaged, with a note from kylie printed on the back of a Kylie Cosmetics logo card and split box. The individual packaging of each product is also so classy and beautiful. In my opinion, the only downfall to the lip kits is that the liquid lipstick doesn’t have a stopper, so I find myself having to scrape some of the product back into the tube to avoid making a mess on my lips.

lip kit boxlip kit boxesposie k collectionkoko k

I was also immensely impressed by the quality of the products themselves. The lip liner applies so smoothly and fuss-free and the liquid lipstick dries very quickly and completely stays put. Both are so easy to apply. Their staying power is incredible and does not budge so you don’t have to worry about your lipstick going patchy, smudging or rubbing off throughout the day. In fact, they last so well that I even find it difficult to get the lip kits off when I actually want to remove them!

Currently, the two shades I have are ‘Koko K’, a typical favourite of many happy customer’s and ‘Posie K’ which is personally my perfect pink/nude shade. They both smell divine (strawberries and cream/ marshmallows is what I get from it) which shouldn’t define how good a product is, but for me completely does! After already getting so much wear out of both of these shades, I’m hoping to bag myself a few more in the future. ‘Candy K’ and ‘Exposed’ are next on my list!

lip kit boxes 2kylie swatches

With so many cheaper alternatives, I can imagine the main question on your mind is ‘are they worth the money?’. In my opinion, YES! They are completely worth the money from my experience with them so far. Priced at $29.00, which converts to roughly £22, the Kylie Lip Kits are such good value for money and are even cheaper than buying a MAC lipstick and lip liner for the same, if not better quality. HOWEVER, the lip kits do begin to become expensive when you consider the delivery/shipping and customs charges. From my own experience, I have had to pay £11.97 on BOTH of my orders, which does indeed add to the price tag of the products. I’ve heard that not all orders are charged customs, however I was lucky enough that both of mine were *note the sarcastic tone*.

All in all, I would recommend the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits if you’re willing to pay a little extra for an amazing quality product and aren’t fazed by the worry that you could potentially have to pay extra for customs. Make sure you follow the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page so you never miss an opportunity to grab yourself a lip kit of your own.

This blog post is my own opinions only and was not sponsored or influenced in any way by Kylie Cosmetics. Make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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