Friday Faves: Exploring with Cody

Last week, I posted my ‘Exploring with Josh’ edition of ‘Friday Faves’ and this week’s edition is completely focused around his partner in crime, Cody Buffinton – also known by his thousands of subscribers as ‘Exploring with Cody’. Now I have to admit, Josh is the member of the ‘Exploring Crew’ that I originally began … Continue reading Friday Faves: Exploring with Cody

TreatBox wish list

It’s quite an underestimation to say that my room is Pinterest central, what with my Polaroid washing line, various ‘inspirational’ quote prints and numerous photo booth strips displayed throughout. You can only imagine how utterly infatuated I became with the website ‘TreatBox’ when I stumbled across it. ‘TreatBox’ is essentially a subscription box, which supplies … Continue reading TreatBox wish list

Friday Faves: Exploring with Josh

Now that the summer holidays have finally arrived and I have a lot more time on my hands, you can expect frequent and potentially more regular blog posts from me. What better way to kick start more frequent posts that with more ‘Friday Faves’, the series I began earlier in the year and absolutely loved … Continue reading Friday Faves: Exploring with Josh

Summer Essentials 2016

Although it may not seem like it what with the regular rain storms in the UK, summer is FINALLY upon us and many of us, including myself, will be frantically planning and preparing for well-deserved holidays abroad, in the UK or just looking forward to that little bit of sunshine at home *fingers crossed*. I … Continue reading Summer Essentials 2016

Student Struggles 2016

My first year of studying A Levels in year 12 has been a pretty difficult one for me. I was incredibly shocked by the huge difference between GCSE’s to further education. It’s been one hell of a jump and there are so many struggles I’ve faced along the way. Finally, my first year is over … Continue reading Student Struggles 2016

You Don’t Know Love… until you’ve met Olly Murs

Olly Murs is potentially one of the most likeable people that the UK has ever produced, both celebrity and general human wise, so who would ever turn down the likely opportunity to meet him for FREE, certainly not me that’s for sure! Even if it was just a quick selfie opportunity and “hi bye” type … Continue reading You Don’t Know Love… until you’ve met Olly Murs

Urban Outfitters wish list

I don’t know about you, but I find Urban Outfitters an incredibly overwhelming store to be in. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at all of their quirky products which completely speak to my heart and suit my style SO MUCH. I find myself wanting to buy almost everything they stock and end up … Continue reading Urban Outfitters wish list

The best liquid lipstick? | Kylie Lip Kit review

At the moment, it seems like liquid lipsticks are all the rage and almost every beauty brand has created their own take on them. Even a few celebrities have brought their own versions out, the most famous of which being Kylie Jenner’s ‘Kylie Lip Kits’. What with all the controversy surround Kylie and her lips, … Continue reading The best liquid lipstick? | Kylie Lip Kit review