Beyoncé slays Sunderland | Formation World Tour

On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to be blessed by the presence of global superstar, Queen B herself as she kicked off the European leg of her ‘Formation’ World Tour at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, potentially the North East’s most highly anticipated event of the year. It truly felt like a once in a lifetime experience, one I will never forget. Despite the miserable weather, with the rain pelting down onto the crowd of 50,000, Beyoncé’s breath-taking two-hour performance certainly brightened up everyone’s day.

After such a long wait for the date of the event to arrive, it’s fair to say that excitement and enthusiasm was high and I’m sure I cannot have been the only one. I mean, it’s not every day you get to witness one of the most famous female singers of all time perform her greatest hits! 

beyonce sunderland

In order to warm the crowd up, both in terms of hyped for Beyoncé’s arrival and because it was freezing, DJ Magnum took to the stage and entertained fans with his half an hour set. With everyone jumping and singing along to the blasting music, his contrast of old classics, lovable throwbacks and newer popular songs had the 50,000 ready and pumped for the main show of the night, what everyone had been waiting for.

And finally the highly anticipated moment kick started! Bey appeared backed up by her crew of identically dressed dancers, performing her latest hit and first single from her new album ‘Lemonade’‘Formation’. It’s safe to say she kicked off the night in style! The entire crowd were on their feet, welcoming the international star to the North East.

Throughout the night, Beyoncé sang some of her well known hits, a few blasts from the past in terms of her old ‘Destiny’s Child’ material, a selection of songs from her newest album ‘Lemonade’ and an incredibly-well received tribute to the late Prince even made its way into the show. There was certainly something for everyone, something everyone would be able to sing along to. Speaking of which, the 50,000 membered crowd turned choir wowed the pop sensation with the rather impressive continuation of her hit ‘Love On Top’ which could have been carried on for the entirety of the night if she hadn’t stopped us!

yonce sunderlandbeyonce sunderland 2

I was so overwhelmed at the fact that the Texas born star sounded identical to her singles and albums, proving she is a true talent and one that I am so grateful to have witnessed perform. It isn’t often these days that you find someone who is able to maintain a truly world-class voice, as well as performing a dance routine, keep such a vast audience entertained AND continue to look FLAWLESS throughout. It surely isn’t easy work but she made it look easy and executed it perfectly.

The Formation World Tour brought so much buzz to the North East, it felt like everyone was talking about it afterwards. I honestly wish the night could have lasted longer as I enjoyed myself so much and I’m sure I was not the only one! Although I was ridiculously tired when I finally got home, I found myself unable to sleep as I didn’t want the buzz or adrenaline to end.

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Emily X

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