A healthy white smile | WhiteWash nano

Since having my fixed brace removed several years ago, I have been tackling the issue of having teeth that just don’t seem to ever be white. Brushing twice a day and rinsing with shots of mouthwash just doesn’t seem to keep them looking white or bright. The growing dental hygiene brand, WhiteWash, kindly sent me a selection of their new Nano range to test out and I decided I’d all let you know how I got on with the products.

The predominant aim for these dental hygiene products is to achieve a healthy white smile at an affordable price. Having teeth whitened is seeming to be a growing trend amongst celebrities and social influencers, however it can be expensive and for those of us on a strict budget it is virtually impossible. On the other hand, cheaper drugstore alternatives could potentially be dangerous and a waste of money. WhiteWash have created a unique blend of ten whitening ingredients and patented Enamel Care Technology in order to ensure their product works, unlike others of a similar price range.

whitewash nano3

Although I didn’t see a change instantly after using the sequence of products, I began to notice my teeth had become whiter when I began to run out of the products (typical, I know). It is important to point out that the products I was using were sample sized, I can imagine if I was to continue using these products over a longer time period I would see more of a difference in the colour of my teeth.

WhiteWash’s new Nano range aims to help you achieve not only a white smile, but a healthy white smile. Their products are designed, formulated and approved by UK and dental hygiene experts which proves they are trustworthy products. They are also vegan friendly and cruelty free, making them suitable for almost everyone! I did find that my teeth and whole mouth in general did feel a lot cleaner for a lot longer when using the Nano range which was a big deal for me and I’m sure will be for many people, everyone wants to have a clean feeling mouth, right?

whitewash nano2

The only issue I had was getting my head around the order that WhiteWash advise you use the products in. They request that after flossing, you should go on to use the mouth wash, followed by brushing with the toothpaste and after using the toothpaste, do not rinse. After getting following the same routine for seventeen years of my life it felt strange doing it all in a different order and different way, however I did manage to get used to it eventually!

Although the kit may be more expensive than standard toothpastes and mouthwashes, I did find that I preferred it over every toothpaste I have ever used, as I did notice a difference when using it. WhiteWash’s Nano range will soon be available in Boots stores across the UK and is also available on their website.

whitewash nano1

This blog post was written in partnership with WhiteWash, who kindly sent me their nano range. Make sure you check out their social media sites and their website. Also, make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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