The best early Birthday celebrations ever?

I honestly cannot think of any way I’d rather spend my 17th Birthday three days early than meeting one of my favourite vloggers and general favourite people in the whole world – Caspar Lee, along with his wonderful mom Emily. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to do so (especially so close to my Birthday) and it is surely one I will never forget.

When we arrived at the intu MetroCentre Gateshead (where the sell-out event was taking place), I was surprised to see there was already quite a few people waiting around the venue, despite it only being nine o’clock – however it was nothing compared to the queue which grew later in the day. Luckily, we were only seven from the front which meant we met Caspar almost instantly when it actually began, however some queued for hours with the queue stretching the entire length of the section of the shopping centre! We were part of the first group who welcomed Caspar and his mom. The enthusiasm and eagerness was sky high as we chatted to the security and event organisers, waiting for the two to arrive.


We firstly met the original author of the biography, Caspar’s mom, Emily. It was such a lovely opportunity to meet her as she is such a lovely, friendly and enthusiastic lady who clearly means a hell of a lot to Caspar and is a massive part of his life. What other signings or meet and greets do you have the opportunity to meet parents too? Sadly, I didn’t get a photo of myself and Emily, however she did congratulate me on having a great name and being the first Emily she had met that day (I suppose her name is pretty good too.)


Well isn’t he gorgeous?! Caspar then signed my book and enthusiastically pointed out my “it’s my Birthday” badge, wishing me a happy Birthday (and that it definitely was). The girls running the event kindly took some lovely photos of Caspar and I. Throughout the entirety of the day I continued to flick through the photos and listen to the live photos, in which Caspar makes the most hilarious noise after he asked how old I was and I replied ‘seventeen’. I had a smile slapped across my face for the rest of the day and while writing this I currently still do!


It is becoming pretty evident now that if I wake up early and wait in line for a few hours in order to meet a celebrity, I’m obviously going to like them a hell of a lot and therefore I’m always going to be extremely biased when talking about how wonderful they are. However, Caspar is just something else! He is such a genuine, caring and beautiful person and one that I am so lucky and grateful to have met. He whole-heartedly thanked every fan for buying tickets for the event and getting his book.

Over the past few years, Caspar has taken the internet by storm; bagging over six million subscribers and 500 million views on his exceedingly popular YouTube channel, creating his ‘Caspar Lee’ merchandise range, his own sensational movie (featuring ex-roommate and fellow YouTuber Joe Sugg) Joe and Caspar: Hit The Road as well as appearances in films such as “Spud 3” and “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water”. And now the YouTube sensation has his very own self-titled biography (co-written by his mom) and is currently touring the UK and US to promote and sign copies of the book to dedicated and thrilled fans. It’s safe to say he is doing pretty well for himself and honestly deserves all of the success he has so far achieved and more.

Meeting such an influential and all-round amazing person, who I love and care about so very much, so close to my Birthday made me so incredibly happy and is potentially one of the best early-Birthday presents I could have ever asked for. Even if it was quite a quick and snappy signing, due to the enormous turnout, Caspar managed to make my Birthday the best so far (even if it was three days before my actual Birthday).

While on an adrenaline rush after meeting Caspar, we celebrated in the only way possible – ordering a share platter from pizza hut and then spent a bit too much money in a bit too many shops because “it’s my Birthday”.


Thank you so much to the event organisers, my sister and one of my best friends and most importantly Caspar and his mom for making the whole day so special and memorable. I honestly had the best time and I think it will be exceedingly difficult for my actual Birthday celebrations to beat this. Although I’m sure the majority of people reading this will already be familiar with the absolute babe that he is, make sure to check out Caspar’s YouTube channel and pick up your copy of “Caspar Lee” either online or from a major book retailer near you.

Caspar’s book is such a unique twist on any biography you have ever seen before. With a lot of well-known YouTubers frequently releasing books, it’s always difficult to come up with something different but Caspar and his mom have produced something so original. From flicking through the pages while in the queue, I had a good old giggle and some of Caspar’s comments and the old pictures of him and I am really looking forward to reading it thoroughly.

This blog post was not sponsored in anyway and is my own opinions only, make sure you’re always caught up by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

2 thoughts on “The best early Birthday celebrations ever?

    1. After we met him we walked past a few times but it was so difficult to see him because of how the room was organised. He is honestly so lovely and genuine and I really hope he comes back to the north east soon! Your names pretty damn great too 😋 x


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