We met Oli White

Who could think of a better way of spending your bank holiday Monday than meeting one of your favourite vloggers and doing a hell of a lot of pre-birthday shopping all in one go? Well yesterday I did exactly that and it was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time, despite being riddled with an awful cold.

After arriving to the venue extremely early and seeing the queue had already started to grow, we joined the back and surprisingly, we weren’t that far from the front (which I was so unbelievably relieved about considering I am one of the most impatient people in the world!) To make the two hour wait even better, WHSmith kindly supplied us all with chocolate biscuits to keep us fuelled while in the queue and also dished out our ‘#GenerationNext’ wristbands and pre-signed copies of the novel.

gen next wristbandsgen next bookoli signed book

Two hours quickly passed and we were already making our way through the store to where the meet and greet was taking place. Oli greeted the crowd by appearing down the stairs, camera in hand and shortly after, the whole event kicked off and he began meeting the enthusiastic crowd.

Although I say the same about almost all of the celebrities I have ever met, Oli is such a genuine and humble person and one that I feel I am very lucky to have met. Despite growing from strength to strength in terms of his career; an exceedingly popular and ever-growing YouTube channel of over two million subscribers, high demand ‘Cactus Boy’ merchandise range, breaking world records, beloved children’s TV show ‘Cinemaniacs’ and now his own debut novel ‘Generation Next’, Oli is still such a down to earth and lovely person.

Greeting me with a “lovely big hug” (as he described me hanging onto him for dear life to warm myself up) Oli then took several selfies on my phone, which thankfully turned out pretty good despite having been coughing my guts up prior to the event and suffering from an extreme case of leaky eyes.

oli white

Along with a bunch of equally as eager fans, we then decided to hang around at the back of the venue to wave Oli goodbye as he made his way to the next city of his book tour. The security and event organisers kept us entertained for the short wait and also ensured everyone was safe and most importantly, helped us avoid stepping on the crushed pigeon on display in the middle of the road.

To make the day even better and memorable (if you even thought that was possible, apparently so) I somehow managed to feature in Oli’s vlog and survived being cropped at least one time! You can see my claim to fame in Oli’s vlog of the Newcastle date of his ‘Generation Next’ UK book tour.


I had such an overall amazing time at the event, which is mainly down to Oli, who I am so grateful to have met. I am also so thankful to one of my best friends and my sister for coming along with me and making the day even more special.

Although I’m sure the majority of people reading this post will already be extremely familiar with his face, make sure you check out Oli’s YouTube channel, social media profiles and most importantly his debut novel Generation Next’ which is on sale as of now online and in all major book retailers. Also, to make sure you’re always caught up please follow my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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