Friday Faves: Lucy and Lydia

For the past year and a half or so I have been quite frankly obsessed with these two wonderful ladies and I feel like over the past few months their videos and content within them have just been getting better and better. I feel like they thoroughly deserve to be a part of my Friday Faves series.

Lucy and Lydia, twin duo who are currently taking the YouTube world be storm, have grown from strength to strength since I began tuning into their YouTube channel on an almost too-regular basis. I feel like these girls and their channel have something for everyone. Whether you’re into beauty, fashion, music or just enjoy having a good old nosey into the lives of other people through vlogs, there is something on their gem of a channel for you!

lucy and lydia bahamas2

Personally, their favourites videos tend to be my favourite category of video that they post as I love to find out what beauty items in particular they have to recommend. I also love watching their vlogs as I find they make me chuckle so much without even trying to be funny. I have loved following them on their journey moving to London. As sad as it is, I find myself smiling away watching their videos as they are so naturally funny and likeable; this definitely shines through in all of their videos. I also adore the girls as they share my strong love for Disney. Their Disney hauls and vlogs make my life and I often find myself watching them over and over again.

lucyandlydia disney world

Lucy and Lydia take the editing of their videos to the next level. Particularly in their get the look, look books and their Disney vlogs are edited ridiculously well. It is so evident they put so much effort into the production of their videos and I truly think that pays off as it makes them so enjoyable and interesting to watch.

As well as being incredibly talented and hilariously funny, Lucy and Lydia are so down-to-earth and come across as generally lovely people within their videos. They seem like the type of people that would be extremely easy to get along with and you would have a right laugh while around them.

lucy and lydia bahamas

Although I’m sure a lot of you already are fans of the girls, make sure you check out their YouTube channel and social media profiles which I will leave linked below:

Lucy and Lydia’s YouTube Channel

Lucy and Lydia’s Blog

Lucy and Lydia’s Twitter

Lucy’s Instagram

Lydia’s Instagram

As always, thank you so much for reading this blog post. Make sure you’re always caught by following my blog, my twitter and Instagram.

Emily X

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